Pre-Adeno Virus vaccination protocol

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    Pre-Adeno Virus vaccination protocol

A friend sent this along. If you have to get a J & J or AZ jab, this might help neutralize it.

Pre-Adeno Virus Vaccination Protocol
Watch with closed captions on so you don’t miss things.
First 15 minutes he goes over the protocol.
[These notes are from a friend who sent this along.]

Workout the muscle at injection site HEAVILY – 12hrs prior

Ivermectin – 150ug/kg at least 8 hrs before = 0.15 mg [the FLCCC protocols starts at .2 mg/kg, but can go up to .6 mg/kg with danger at all. Personally, if I had to get a jab, I would take more than .15 mg. And I would take one dose 2 days before and another dose 8 hours before jab.]

Vit C as Ascorbic Acid – no dose noted but he talks about avoiding Kidney Stones with Ascorbic Acid so I guess a HIGH Dose – 10 minutes before… I would load up the day before as well personally [Use L-ascorbic acid, which is the natural version]

L-arginine 400 milligrams per kilogram between 90 to 135 minutes prior

N-acetyl cysteine 600 milligrams between 60 and 120 minutes prior

Cyclosporine 15 milligrams per kilogram – the day before? [This requires an Rx or get from Indiamart or similar]

So what we’re going to get into first is the prophylaxis protocol. So quite a while ago I saw it coming that people were going to be forced to get vaccinated when they didn’t want to so I have been working on a protocol to prevent the vaccine from taking effect to prevent any acute side effects and to prevent immunogenicity so that if you don’t want to become immune to the vaccine but you have to take it, then this is a protocol that can do that. So the first thing I’ve done through the text here is to identify all the targets that can actually be hit to prevent that happening.

So your first target is when it is first injected, there are subcutaneous injections into muscle tissue. It can be the viron the adenovirus itself can be targeted there. Naturally about 25% of those are already destroyed by neutrophils so what we want to do with that is we want to ramp that up a little bit. So the first part of the protocol is actually heavy exercise at the injection site. From what I’ve seen, roughly about 12 hours beforehand would be the ideal time to do that. So lifting weights, or just a workout on that area. And what that will do, that will increase the concentration of neutrophils in that muscle tissue so when it… when the adenovirus is injected they will all be there waiting to gobble it up.

And the other way that that can be enhanced is with high dose of L-ascorbic acid. L-ascorbic acid has a number of effects but most pertinently it provides the metabolic fuel for neutrophils to continue with phagocytosis rather than running out of that fuel and turning into NETosis which causes more inflammatory damage and ceases any further phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the ideal outcome from those neutrophils. The next thing – it gets into the target cells via the CAR receptor and I don’t think
there’s much we can do about that, not sure that there’s any drugs that we know target that that are commonly available.
That’s the other thing – I designed this protocol to be entirely non-prescription drugs, just over the counter or supplements, and so forth. There may be some more effective drugs. I also haven’t had a chance to trial this at all, I’ve been doing all this work with zero funding and zero support so it’s just been something I’ve been getting to occasionally, but yeah, I don’t think there’s any way we can really prevent it getting into the CAR receptor. But the next step is that the DNA is translocated into the nucleus for transcription into mRNA. This can be targeted by ivermectin.

Is everyone able to see the screen, or see is everyone able to see this clearly enough yes so the E1A protein of the adenovirus is responsible for binding the viral DNA and bringing that into nucleus it binds it to importin alpha which then binds to the beta, enters the nuclear pore complex and converts it into mRNA. Ivermectin can prevent that DNA from binding to… no, to prevent the E1A DNA complex from binding to importin alpha, which prevents this, everything subsequently, so no DNA can be transcribed into mRNA, and ideally that would be most of your problems solved right there.

So at this stage, we’ve already inhibited a lot of the adenovirus. It’s been destroyed by neutrophils before it’s ever managed to enter the cells. The neutrals have destroyed most of the virus, as I said, 25% already get destroyed but hopefully we’ve pumped that up a lot by recruiting a lot of neutrophil into that muscle tissue and giving them more fuel with L-asorbic acid, and then the ones that do make it inside the cell, ivermectin prevents that DNA E1A complex binding to importin alpha for the next step.

So the next step after that is that the mRNA obviously comes out of nucleus and goes to the ribosome for translation. There may be a way to prevent it from being turned into protein at all, by trichosanthin. This is something I’ve only just come across, so I haven’t found any more detail on that yet. I’m not sure about side effects, safety – even efficacy. That’s just something I thought I’d throw in there that’s further past research. So the next step… next step, obviously the spikes are produced if the mRNA makes it into existence then the spike is translated and brought to the cell surface the cell is destroyed when CD8 encounters the mhc-1 complex and then those antigens are captured by macrophages, monocytes and they are then presented to the dendritic cells now the dendritic cells use the MHC2 complex to present those antigens to the T follicular helper cells.

The MHC production can be inhibited by high doses of L-arginine and N-acetyl cysteine so what these do – it’s been proven higher high levels of nitric oxide inside the cell – they will inhibit the production of the transcription of the CIITA gene which produces MHC2. So these two supplements will increase the quantity of nitric oxide inside the cell. So ideally, again there’s some conflicting research on this that sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t – some disagree on whether the nitric oxide levels are increased, as I said I’m doing this research without any funding whatsoever so I’m not able to verify it but on the balance of the research it seems that these two supplements will increase the nitric oxide level which will decrease transcription of the CIITA gene and inhibit the production of MHC2. So that will then prevent the DC talking to the TFH.

So we’ve already stopped it in the muscle. We’ve stopped a significant amount with the neutrophil action. We’ve stopped the DNA E1A complex being transcribed, being attached to the importin alpha, and now, assuming this has gotten past all of these stages, we are trying to prevent the antigen being presented from the DC to the TFH, so assuming that it makes it that far and it’s still going to – it’s still – there’s some virus, or some adenovirus that has still made it through all of these blockades, the next step is cyclosporine to inhibit the T follicular helper cells from finding and activating B cells so that will prevent the formation of antibody immunity.
So if it makes it through all of these, then we can stop it at the B cell level and again all of these drugs and supplements are in the protocol because if you need to prevent the vaccine from taking effect then I think as much redundancy as you can get is the best way to go.

So I’ll go over the exact protocol that I have written out. Again this is also ivermectin, the first thing that’s also been proven against COVID19 disease in general. I’m guessing most of you are aware of that ivermectin prevents and cures COVID-19 at all stages of the disease. It does appear to have a dose-dependent effect here. So my protocol is only 150 micrograms per kilogram, but a higher dose may be appropriate. Some testing some trialing would tell us more about that. So 150 micrograms per kilogram of ivermectin at least bare minimum eight hours prior, so it’s got time to absorb and to take effect. The next step is… let’s just take this from the top with the whole entire protocol.

You’ve got your ivermectin 150 micrograms per kilogram at least eight hours beforehand.
Up to around 10 minutes beforehand, you’ll be looking at oral L-asorbic acid. I say oral – I’m not making a mistake there – and obviously it can be given IV and the dose and the absorption is actually quite similar. I would pull up a chart but I don’t have it on the screen here… it’s been shown that high doses of ascorbic acid through the stomach do actually absorb at an ever so slightly faster rate than IV over the first couple of minutes when you’re giving an infusion, a slow infusion of Vitamin C given at the same rate. Oral Vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid, not as sodium ascorbate or any other ascorbate can raise the risk of kidney stones, whereas there is no indication that pure L-ascorbic acid will raise that kidney stone risk. So I’m going to give the we’ll take the L-ascorbic acid about 10 minutes beforehand that’s about when it’ll hit its peak dose, peak serum concentration, and that’s when it’s most effective at both mechanically destroying virons and providing that metabolic fuel for neutrophils so they can go and continue proposing these adenoviruses.

The next item in the protocol is the L-arginine 400 milligrams per kilogram between 90 to 135 minutes prior – that’s about when the serum concentration will spike. Again, I keep saying this, but this has not been trialed. Trialing it would reveal much more accurate – it may be that it needs to be some time beforehand if there’s some metabolic process to increase the nitric oxide level, that takes time. I’m not sure but bare minimum 135 to 90 minutes beforehand and similarly with the N-acetyl cysteine 600 milligrams between 60 and 120 minutes again that’s when serum concentration peaks and hopefully hopefully that pumped up the nitric oxide level which will then prevent the MHC from being transcribed once it is exposed to antigens… One two three four – okay,
…and cyclosporine 15 milligrams per kilogram. Not exactly sure on the timing. Be nice to be able to test it. The general protocol is a day beforehand, so that’s probably safe. Maybe a day and then on the on the day as well – the day before and on the day. And between all of these interventions, it should be that a injection of the adenoviruses will not actually take effect. This obviously doesn’t apply to Pfizer and Moderna, the lipid nanoparticles, and largely because there’s several steps that are completely cut out.

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    Reply To: Pre-Adeno Virus vaccination protocol

Interesting, interesting!

As I understand the efficiency of L-arginine is limited because it will be broken down quickly in the digestive tract, so for raising NO L-citrulline is better.

I read also that one study recommends combining L-arginine with L-citrulline because it significantly increase efficacy in the production of NO.

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    Reply To: Pre-Adeno Virus vaccination protocol

Greetings MountainBlues,

I have looked thru this protocol pretty carefully.  The L-arginine dosing seems very high.  I’d need to take 45 caplets of my GNC L-arginine to reach this dosing.  I concluded there was a factor of 10 error in Adam’s recommendation.

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