Practical Prepper Kitchen Tool: a RELIABLE Can Opener

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  • Sun, Nov 30, 2014 - 06:49pm


    Wendy S. Delmater

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    Practical Prepper Kitchen Tool: a RELIABLE Can Opener

As a prepper, I always adhered to the saying, "Two is one and one is none" – I believe in having spares. So imagine my dismay when our old electric an opener broke and all FOUR of our cheap, spare manual can openers would not open cans.  What good is a pantry of canned goods unless you can open them?

So I went shopping online for a durable, well-made can opener. Or two. I looked for a reputable restaurant-quality can opener made with high-quality steel. And I found the same brand of home can openers my mother and grandmother used is still available at an incredibly reasonable price.

Swing-A-Way Large Crank Can Opener Easy Crank

This thing took a third of the time that our old electric can opener took to open a can, and was as easy to use as could be. The entire thing can be rinsed easily after each use. A person with arthritis could use this with no strain. 

Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener

My husband's grandparents had one of these in their kitchen – I saw it was still there and still working when we visited the old farmstead for Thanksgiving.  My mother had one, too. Again, a very high-quality of steel throughout, but especially in the blade, makes opening cans a snap. It also has a hand-crank–here's the back view:

The whole thing swings out for use and swings back flush with your cabinet when not in use.

We bought one of each. No more electric can openers for us! "Two is one and one is none" – now we have a manual energy-efficient an opener and a spare that works.

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    So…another prepper rule

It appears that in addition to “two is one and one is none”, you may want to add: “test your tools” and “rotate your stock”.
As an aside, I sincerely hope that not having a can opener didn’t stop you from opening cans. Never forget the can opener on your pocket knife.

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