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Post-bubble landscapes

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    Post-bubble landscapes

From Revkin’s NY Times Dot Earth blog:

Post-bubble landscapes

[quote]I’ve been off duty as part of our effort to  sustain a global news-gathering team in a world of shrinking newspaper revenue, but can’t resist posting on a disturbing photographic exploration of abandoned real estate projects published this weekend in  The New York Times Magazine. The images were taken by the photographer Edgar Martins around the United States starting last fall.

The photograph above shows some of the half-built chalets at  the Tamarack Resort in Idaho, a sprawling project that ground to a halt after the developer defaulted on a huge loan.

Are these portraits, perhaps, of the  end of the age of unfettered consumption, simply a short pause before human communities resume their  150-years-and-counting fossil-fueled sprint, or a foretaste of  Alan Weisman’s 2007 thought experiment, “ The World Without Us”?[/quote]

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