Possible solution to COVID! Weird but exciting technology

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    Possible solution to COVID! Weird but exciting technology

Hi, you are going to have to keep an “all the way open” mind about this.

Your preconceived assumptions about reality will likely tell you that what I am going to present isn’t possible, Is absurd even.

But I have found how to technologically manifest the type of energy known as “Chi” or “Orgone” and I can do it with images!

This is possible because light paces a stress on space.

About 50% should be able to feel the below image projecting energy out of the screen if they give it a minute, just face the palm of your hand (right might be best) facing the image and move your hand toward and away from the image, feeling for any sensation, this also works if printed.

You can read more about this here: https://www.quora.com/What-discovery-have-you-made-which-the-world-isnt-mentally-ready-for/answer/Jonathan-Berry-95

But, I have very good reason to believe that this can fight Viruses in two ways, firstly it could support the health of the person, secondly the right design might be able to kill viruses directly.

But I need a few things, I need either people with microscopes who can test this on Viruses, is that even a realistic thing?  Could also be tested on bacteria just to see what’s going on.

The other way to test this is on people already sick with some cold or flu, ideally Corona Virus, but not necessarily.

But to even be taken a little seriously, I need people to see if they can feel energy from the image and report positively if you do, then at least some people might give this a shot despite understandable skepticism.

Here is another one to try…

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