Possible Scam Alert: 37 Food Items You Should Hoard

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  • Thu, Jan 19, 2012 - 06:47pm



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    Possible Scam Alert: 37 Food Items You Should Hoard

After hearing the Simon Black podcast, I visited the SovereignMan.com web site, liked what I saw, and signed up for the newsletter. The information in the "free" part of the newsletter is sometimes interesting, and I’ve enjoyed some of them.

I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes products are pushed – sometimes a little much. Okay, no big deal.

But the most recent one I received was an e-mail about "37 food items you should hoard".

Okay, sounds interesting. But clicking the link took me to a really annoying slide show with a price: "Regular Price $97. Today’s Price: $27. I checked on-line, and found that this may be a scam.

37 food items sold out after crisis book review (October 19, 2011)
"I bought what I thought was a book…its not…it’s a CD…then while placing the order…they ask if you want to upgrade to the “platinum” package. For $67 so I figured ok I will go for it…. $30.00 more…whatever. Well it is an additional $67.00 so not you have $104.00 for a CD… Now to the meat and potatoes…the info is so basic if virtually useless… the chapter on the actual 37 food items direct you to buy things like pasta and rice, bottles of water, salt, cereal, spices, power bars, ramen and pet food…to only name a few. Well duh."



Dear Friend,

Disaster attracts chaos.

Don’t get caught empty handed.
One of the first things to happen during any crises
or disaster is a run at the grocery store.

>>> 37 Items that go first <<<

Know the Top 37 Items That Instantly Vanish From Store Shelves In A Panic!

These critical items are quickly bought up.

Don’t be the one without these items
when you need them most.

There are numerous events that can
trigger this panic buying; tornado, hurricane,
floods, snowstorm, food shortage,
earthquake, or worse.

Could any of these happen in your area?

Be sure to check out this special report:
>>> 37 Food Items you should Hoard <<<

Stay prepared,



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    Can’t let your guard down

 Thanks for the heads up Poet. We all need to see the signs and stay away from these scams.



  • Fri, Jan 20, 2012 - 02:58pm

    David Jackson

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    Black’s info is great, and

Black’s info is great, and he seems to be a straight shooter, so I would recommend that everyone who sees this deal as a bit “hinky” contact Simon Black and tell him, because he may not have reviewed the product himself and if he has outsourced his Internet marketing to some company to whom he provides content for his newsletter and they do SEO, arrange affiliate relationships and send out affilate offers that are seemingly related to his content, etc., there is a chance that he’s unaware of what’s being offered in his name. I do Internet marketing and I’ve seen this sort of thing before; if you outsource as I’ve described above, you have to be very diligent in vetting what’s being offered or your reputation can get trashed quickly over something you didn’t even know was sent out under your signature.

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