Possible false flag coming Saturday?

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    Possible false flag coming Saturday?

Trump warns;

Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally is a “setup”.

On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump said, referring to the rally.

“If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”
Trump added that the corporate media’s kid gloves treatment of Biden was proof that the country’s news media was corrupt and untrustworthy.

“We don’t have a free press anymore. We have nothing close to a free press. We have a very corrupted press,” he said.

Roger Stone;

“This is called agitprop. I don’t know a single person in the MAGA movement who is going. It’s a setup.

Here’s my suggestion.

The people who will be there, will all be working for the government.

Nice try. I’m not going.

The danger is obvious. There’s so many unanswered questions about January 6th. Now they’re trying to recreate it.

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    Reply To: Possible false flag coming Saturday?

Saturday is all the anti-mandate marches too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were tied together. Regardless of the ostensible reason for the rally or how many feds they can hide in their ranks, if they planned a false flag (which I don’t doubt they have) then like it or not the connection will be made and they will red flag law you for not getting the jab.

If that happens, there is only one option left… But then its a lot simpler.

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