Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

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  • Thu, May 13, 2021 - 12:34am



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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?


So I’ve been thinking about this exchange between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauchi in the hearing the other day. Alot about it.

It’s all just political theatre. And it’d be brilliant if it wasn’t evil – Help me see if I am interpreting this correctly.


Rand Paul questions Fauchi on the $3.7 (x2) million dollars that goes to WIV.  But we all know it never went directly to WIV. It went to EcoHealth Alliance. To Peter Daszak.

But Rand never brings up Daszak, he goes right after Fauchi for supporting GOF research and direct payments to WIV.

Daszak is left out because in the mind of the general public – “Who?”

DING.     “You’re time is up Senator.”

Paul can claim he tried and Fauchi lied but he’ll get to the bottom of it eventually. Conservatives are roused.

Fauchi gets to yell at Kentucky’s senator who the dems hate and proclaim “Liar!”

Meanwhile they’re all in on it. They have to be. A well choreographed Win-Win for both sides of the aisle/debate/whatever.

I mean if we the plebes can find the paper trail and piece it together, you can’t tell me a sitting US senator is just too big an idiot to get it right or not have access to EVERYTHING he needs to eviscerate the NIH and NIAID, as well as State and DoD?

They are all playing their parts, with such passionate acting to behold and be in awe of – if only they also weren’t trying to cram “vaccines” in us and mess with our “freedom”.


God help us.

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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

Pappy I think your vision is 20/10.  Polyticks, the greatest show on earth.   Where the two ring circus dazzles the masses, performs stupendous feats of incredibility, all while enriching and empowering themselves at our expense.  The polyticktions always win, while we sit on our hands, gazing into the distance, or looking on with smiles.   Oh the drama of it all.   PT had it right, most are suckers lured by the bright lights, loud mouths, and big show.   The circus lives on.   Hollyweird doesn’t hold a candle to these folks.


“That’s not all there is.’  God help us indeed.  God helps those with vision, those who will hear, and those who will heed.  A remarkable group of folks here at PP, each adding in their own way to what makes it so special.

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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

“Fire Fauci”…..of course the bill has no chance of passing but the Reps. can go back to their respective states and say “see look what I tried”….I just wics some one would introduce term limits on themselves



  • Thu, May 13, 2021 - 05:50am

    Chuck in Belize

    Chuck in Belize

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    Imagined Senate Hearing

In a just world, we would have seen something like this.

Speaker:  Dr. Falsi, to you swear that your statements here will be true and complete?

Falsi: I try never to swear, Mr. Speaker, but maybe.

Speaker: Senator from California,  has five minutes.  Senator Pheinwein?

Pheinwein: Good morning Dr. Falsi. How are you today?

Falsi: I’d prefer not to answer.

Pheinwein: Ok, sir. Do you believe in magic?

Falsi;  Yes, most definitely I do.  I am prepared to show you data to prove it.

Pheinwein: Thank you Dr. Falsi. I now yield remaining time to Senator Peterpaul.

Peterpaul:  Doctor Falsi, are you or have you ever been, a member of the Lizard People’s Front for Global Progress?

Falsi: All similar rumors are false.

Peterpaul: Doctor Falsi, I need a more direct answer. Please say yes or no.

Falsi:  Ok.  Yes or no.

Peterpaul: Doctor, can you please just answer my question?

Falsi: Maybe.

Peterpaul: Can you not say either yes, or no?

Falsi: Yes, to your last question.  I most certainly can.

Peterpaul: All right. Do you have an answer for me, Doctor?

Falsi: Yes.

Peterpaul: Are you saying, sir, that you are a Lizard Person now, or just in the past?

Falsi: No, I am saying only that I have an answer.


Speaker: This hearing is now concluded.
Doctor Falsi, you may now step down.  It’s our lunchtime.
Thank you all for your participation.

  • Thu, May 13, 2021 - 06:00am



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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

IM glad that the Lab Leak and GOF stuff is coming to light.

Another CM  ahead of the curve story.

  • Thu, May 13, 2021 - 08:10am



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    Contrast the Rand Paul exchange with this analysis

I agree 1000% Pappy.  Sen Paul has access to everything he needed to nail Fauci like Tucker Carlson did in his broadcast the other night (Wuhan segment starts at ~4:00 mark)


If this had been done right by Paul and the MSM, Fauci’s credibility could have been torpedoed.  The fact that it didn’t tells you everything you need to know, like you point out.

Really depressing…..

  • Thu, May 13, 2021 - 08:52am



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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

copying this post because it is just so darn eloquent

“The 2 sides are all the same up top. They don’t give a flying fuck about you or me. They don’t give a fuck about China or Russia. They want power over the country they rule and to maintain that by any means necessary. Period”


Nuff said!  Agreed Pappy!

  • Fri, May 14, 2021 - 12:59pm



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    Political Theatre – is this coercion?

Hi, long time lurker here, first post. Didn’t want to start a new topic so tacking on my idea here. I know there are smart attorney types around here. When health authorities state that my kids and I must be vax in order to return to normal (i.e. go to school, or job that require vax) does this meet the legal definition of coercion or any other legal term that could matter? Getting so angry how this is going, wish we could unite and sue it all from these power freaks!

  • Fri, May 14, 2021 - 01:53pm

    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?


I am a retired attorney, but this was not my field. And since I am retired, I cannot give legal opinions or advice in any event.

A real solid opinion on this would take hours and hours of legal research by an attorney in your State and even then an attorney might come to the conclusion that it would require a court case to to decide it.

Here are some the issues that an attorney might look at from an online article about this question.

Forced Vaccinations

I can think of other issues just off the top of my head. For instance, some states have already outlawed vaccine passports. And there is a bill pending in my own State to bar mandatory vaccinations by employers. Your own state law would have to be reviewed to see if it gave protection to citizens.

A real problem at this point is not just the law but the framing. By framing I mean that the mass government and media pro-vaccination push would make it hard from many judges to side citizens even if the judge thought that coerced vaccinations were illegal. Some judges have guts, some just want to go along. That is just the way it is.

So even though it is expensive, your best bet is to get an opinion from a local attorney. You might look at the websites of local law schools and see if any one in those school is interested in doing pro bono work on this as a civil rights issue.

Hope this helps.

  • Fri, May 14, 2021 - 02:11pm



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    Political Theatre – am I seeing this right?

Republican are famous for their kabuki theater and virtue signaling.

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