PM Weekly Market Commentary – 01/24/2020

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    re: Feeling nervous about Gold Holdings

My two cents, FWIW:

If it doesn’t make you want to puke, it isn’t a good (safe) investment decision.

This won’t be a major meltdown like 2008….just a 1-2 month correction.

Buy gold when nobody cares. Hold gold when there is fear. Sell gold when greed is the predominant sentiment (in the gold market).

When gold hits $1750-1800-ish later this year, sell your gold plays and buy and hold the SPY for the next few years until nobody cares about gold anymore.

Keep a barf bag next to your computer.

Also, Sand_puppy….thanks for all your contributions on the coronavirus preps. They are much appreciated.

All the best….Jeff

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)

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