PM Daily Market Commentary – 5/23/2019

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    re: Who benefits from uncivil discourse?

Clearly your family member has been triggered.  10 years ago, your family member would never have said such a thing.  It would not even have occurred to them to say it.  Somehow, the idea was planted in their head.  By someone.

My guess: anti-vaxxers skew pro-Trump.  If I’m right, this is a political aggression engineered by the MSM and the DNC more than anything else.  “Your pro-Trump (anti-vaxxer) views are putting my CHILDREN AT RISK!”

I saw a similar thing on my facebook feed.  Friend asked, “should I vaccinate my kids?”  Answer: “OF COURSE” – because in essence it had been turned into a political question, rather than a medical question.

Look at this as an exercise in political strategy.  Construct a list of Trump’s support groups.  Post them all on a wall.  For each group, construct a series of stories to either ridicule them, make them seem like threats, or otherwise isolate them from the rest of America.  Make them seem extreme.  Don’t target Trump directly – just attack his supporters, make them into outcasts, make it difficult for people to “go there”, reputationally.  Place them outside the common discourse.

They’re anti-science.  They’re extreme.  They are racists.  Xenophobes.  Nazis.  They are not normal.  You definitely don’t want to be one of them.

I think this is all part of a plan – and it has been implemented using weaponized social media.  It’s not as sinister as you describe – but it is a plan nevertheless – by a political organization that wants its power back.  [And, of course, Big Pharma is simply delighted to go along].

So what should we do – individually – when we run into people who have been successfully programmed by this campaign?

Not because we are pro or anti-Trump, but because the blowback from this campaign could well lead to some very severe side effects, such as forced vaccinations of everyone, for everything, “just because”.  “You can’t leave your home if you can’t demonstrate you have been vaccinated for all 20 things on this list right here…” [with Big Pharma laughing all the way to the bank – protected from lawsuits by the “vaccine court”]

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    Very interesting

DaveF, that is a very interesting political strategizing scenario you point out, one that I had never considered.  These hot button topics could be paired with specific candidates or parties and the issue inflamed for the purpose of shifting a future vote.  Never thought of that.

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    Medical Codes

Sandpuppy, it is my understanding that the medical establishment increased the amount of codes they use.  What from 30k to 60k, not sure, you tell me.  Anyway, with all those codes people can be sorted by health, sickness, specific diseases etc.  Think that’s far fetched well people’s info was sorted in the last big war after the census was taken.  The number tattooed on peoples/Jews arms was specific info, the very first bar code.  Why do we think history can’t and won’t repeat.  After all if all climate change is “the people’s fault” perhaps plans are being made and data being sorted into lists.  See Edwin Black and his book IBM and the Holocaust. People forget.



I think the entire election last time was all about a lot of people leaving the mainstream for a variety of reasons.  And Trump was pretty much the only place they could go.

And – writ large – this is the mainstream fighting back, trying to hammer people back into the mainstream.

DeBlasio threatening parents with 6 months in jail if they brought their un-vaccinated children (under 18) into “a public place” – that’s just nuts.  Does the WHO do this in the Ebola Hotzone?  They do not.  But apparently the “perceived medical threat” from the NYC measles outbreak requires a more heavy-handed approach by the state than Ebola.

If the anti-vaxxers skewed Democrat, I just bet you, their actions would be treated quite differently by the media.  Anyone talking about jail time for parents of unvaccinated children would be called a racist, a xenophobe, a white supremacist.

Here.  Try this article on for size:


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