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PM Daily Market Commentary – 1/2/2018

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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 1/2/2018

Gold climbed +14.00 [+1.07%] to 1319.10 on moderate volume, while silver rallied up +0.23 [+1.38%] to 17.22 on moderate volume also. The buck fell -0.29%, which is yet another new low, however the currency move only accounted for a small portion of gold’s rally today.

Gold moved higher all day long, starting in Asia and ending at the close in New York.  Print today: an opening white marubozu, which is a bullish continuation. Forecaster jumped +0.28 to +0.48. Gold’s RSI7 is 90, which is quite overbought. How long can this go on? I suppose it depends on what the driver is; certainly there are very few managed money shorts left at this point. Gold is now up 12 of 14 days, and the pace of the move is accelerating.  Chart is going vertical, which generally ends badly.  A buy here is high risk.

COMEX GC open interest rose by +9,263 contracts today. Commercials are shorting the rally. Probably.

Rate rise chances (March 2018) are at 56%.

Silver outperformed gold, moving up steadily all day long in much the same track. Silver’s long white candle had a 42% chance of marking a top, and silver’s forecaster rose +0.03 to +0.38. Silver is now clearly through its 200 MA; it is slowly catching up to gold. Silver’s RSI7=85, which is overbought, but not as badly as gold. My sense is that silver is still not showing its true promise at this point; there are a lot of managed money shorts to be squeezed, and it doesn’t feel as though that is happening – at least, its not happening as violently as I’d have hoped.  Silver is approaching a resistance zone defined by previous highs around 17.35-17.40.  Given the high RSI level, I’d say that’s where some selling pressure could appear.

COMEX SI open interest rose +887 contracts today.

The gold/silver ratio fell -0.24 to 76.60. That’s bullish.

The miners did well today, with GDX up +2.50% on heavy volume, while GDXJ rallying +2.96% on very heavy volume. Last week’s selling pressure was totally absent today; some miners I follow were up 8% on the day. Both miner ETFs printed bullish continuation candles. XAU forecaster jumped +0.88 to +0.59, a buy signal. It looks like “the dip” for miners was just a few days of sideways movement. 

Today, the GDXJ:GDX ratio rose, as did the GDX:$GOLD ratio. That’s bullish.

Platinum rallied +1.52%, palladium shot up +3.14%, while copper fell -0.50%. Platinum is finally starting to get some love; it has finally managed to close above its 200 MA. Palladium made a dramatic new high today, while copper may be showing some signs of fatigue at last – although copper’s forecaster remains in an uptrend at +0.18.

As mentioned, the buck fell -0.27 [-0.29%] to 91.55, making a new low. Long black candle was a bearish continuation. Forecaster fell -0.10 to -0.76. Its all bad news right now for the buck, which definitely appears to be headed for a retest of its previous low at 90.79. The Euro looks quite strong, right on the edge of breaking out to a new multi-year high. The buck’s RSI7=14, which is heavily oversold. In the next day or two, we’ll be at a decision point: will the buck bounce off the previous low, or will it break down further?  A breakdown could lead in time to a very dramatic move lower.  Based on the oversold RSI, buck should bounce off 91.  That might help to mark a top for gold & the rest of the commodity complex.

Crude rose +0.27 [+0.45%] to 60.37. Crude managed to make a new high to 60.74 in Asia trading, but was unable to hang on through end of day – the spinning top candle had a 44% chance of marking the top. Crude’s forecaster rose +0.07 to -0.01. Crude is definitely running into resistance here at 60, but geopolitical concerns (Iran protests being the latest one) continue to keep a bid under crude. Even with shale production increasing, US oil inventories do not appear to be building, which keeps some of the selling pressure down.

SPX rose 22.20 [+0.83%] to 2695.81, erasing the end of year sell-off and making a new all time high by a few pennies. The closing white marubozu had a 53% chance of marking the top, but forecaster disagreed, jumping +0.30 to +0.80, a strong uptrend. Sector map shows a broad-based rally, with energy leading (XLE:+1.65%) but cyclicals, materials, tech, and sickcare sectors were all up more than 1%. Utilities did worst (XLU:-0.93%). This looked to be a mostly-bullish configuration.

VIX fell -1.27 to 9.77.

TLT plunged -1.08%, printing a swing high (56% bearish reversal) and seeing its forecaster drop -1.15 to -0.60, which is a sell signal for TLT. The back-and-forth in TLT is quite violent right now; forecaster is useless as a trading mechanism. TY fell -0.27%, also issuing a sell signal. Bonds have now resumed their downtrend, which aligns with falling utility prices. Looks like the trick right now is to sell the rallies in bonds.  Makes sense – we have a lot of new supply coming onto the market, as well as the balance sheet normalization from the Fed.

JNK rose +0.11%, it continues to move slowly higher. Curiously, the JNK forecaster dropped -0.26 to -0.03, which is a sell signal for JNK. This aligns pretty closely with my own sentiment; with yields heading higher, its probably time to sell bonds – even though SPX is showing risk on.

CRB rose +0.44%, which marks 10 of 11 days up for commodities. 3 of 5 sectors rose, led by agriculture (+0.85%).

The trend remains in place: falling bond (and utility-company) prices, rising commodities, and a sharp upswing in precious metals over the last three weeks. Commodity-price inflation seems to be the new-new thing for 2018. Tax cuts using borrowed money, Fed balance sheet normalization, post-hurricane spending, all add up bad news for bonds, and “good news” for consumer inflation.

The daily charts of gold and the miners are quite extended.  I would expect a pullback of some sort to occur in the near future.  Silver, which normally outstrips gold substantially during these sorts of moves is a bit sluggish right now, which also gives me a little pause.

Where will the buck go when it hits 91?  That might decide the near-term fate for this leg of the commodity rally.  The odds (the ones in my head, at least) say the buck should bounce in the next day or two – at least some of the shorts will be ringing the cash register at 91.  Its something to watch in in the next day or two.

FOMC minutes due out tomorrow at 2pm.  That might end up being a turning point of sorts.

Nonfarm Payrolls and a number of other important reports are due out Friday.

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