PM Daily Market Commentary – 09/17/2020

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To me DF seems to view the Two Team dialectic with a logical, data driven eye. IMO if a person is swayed by anything either team says they could do well to step back and examine what ticked their emotional box and then deconstruct whatever that was to it’s logical beginning. I often find the beginning to be a logical fallacy that I missed.

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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 09/17/2020

So what specific rules is Trump trying to change to affect the 2020 election?

I thought Trump wanted to bring forward approval for the vaccine to before the election? That sounds just as extra-legal to me.

FD: As a European I don’t have a vote but as Trump is a climate science denier I’d rather see him replaced. Not that I expect great things from the Dems/Biden but their measures can’t be any worse than those of a Trump administration that doesn’t beleive man made climate change exists. If the next republican candidate had strong green credentials I could well support them.

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    trump’s early vaccine


I thought Trump wanted to bring forward approval for the vaccine to before the election? That sounds just as extra-legal to me.

The amusing thing is that Trump’s base is not “the pro-vaccine group.”

It is one of those virtue-signals among the Team Blue Crew to be staunchly pro-vaccine.  All vaccines, all the time.  They all work, they never cause problems, why on earth would you NOT want a vaccine?  My older sister and her husband both: die-hard Team Blue, medical professionals, very pro-vaccine.  Friend of mine also proudly told me he was “going to get the flu vaccine.”  And then waited for me to respond.

Some people think that Trump is doing a sneaky end-around by pushing the vaccine so hard, that Team Blue will see it as a trick, and will want to go slow, and make sure to make it all optional.  “If Trump is pro-vaccine, then there must be something wrong, so we have to be really careful.”

Which actually suits Trump’s base just fine.  And possibly even Trump himself.  If Team Blue thought Trump was holding back vaccine development, they’d have his head, call him anti-science, etc.  As it is – now he’s going too fast, he’s too pro-vaccine, there has to be a trick, the vaccine must be bad, etc.

Pharma must be pulling their hair out to have Trump’s full backing.

Personally, I’m really happy they are going slow and making sure to test it adequately.  I’m overjoyed that Trump pushed it too hard and got a backlash.  The right thing happened.  And it might not have, had he not done this.

Trump himself cannot push vaccine deployment.  That’s in the hands of Pharma.

Which I don’t trust at all.

But now they’ve vowed to test it adequately.  Which is a good thing.  And it only happened as a reaction to Trump.

“Things are always working out for you.”

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