PM Daily Market Commentary – 01/11/2021

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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 01/11/2021

The war started last summer.  Kristallnacht occurred during the George Floyd protests.  The small businesses have been destroyed and the socialists are taking over.  The propaganda campaign has been going on for almost a decade already. There is a group of 70 million+ people trying to resist losing their freedom and being tossed into camps.  Time will tell if they stand a chance.  There is no civil war, this is a world war and it has already started.

You want investment advice, go look at history.  Look at how the Germans and others, who sat on the fence, kept their head down and they mouth shut held onto their fortunes.  Precious metals, crypt and land, if you have guns and the skills to protect it, are your options at this point.  Books may also have a lot of value, although not financial value,  because the information can’t be altered.

And learn to sew so you can sew your  gold and cryptocurrency cold wallet into the hem of your dress.

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    information sources – civil war likelihood


We have different information sources.  That accounts for our different viewpoints.

My sources paint the picture, I try to sort out if they are correct, I project forward, and try to come up with an answer.

You do the same thing with your sources.

Do any of your sources have actual contacts within the 74-million-person “domestic terrorist” Bad Orange Man group?   Or do they just view things from the outside and render their best guess?

Based on my best information, I do not see a hot civil war starting in the near future.  I don’t think the gang in charge will risk it.  That’s just my sense.  Sure, they could start it by (say) trying to confiscate all the firearms from all the “domestic terrorists” that objected to the election fraud at the mostly-peaceful-protest.   That would do it.  But I don’t think they’ll risk it.

The gang in charge is definitely looking to construct popular support for a gun seizure.  That’s my sense. That’s what all the talk about “people with guns at the next protest” is all about.  My sources tell me that the BOM group has zero interest in showing up with guns at a protest.  Those that do – are most likely AP’s looking to stage something to give the gang in charge justification.  A political Operation Northwoods.  [Northwoods was a false flag op planned by the Joint Chiefs, rejected by Kennedy a whole bunch of times – a fake attack on American soil by “Cubans”, which would give the US Army justification to attack Cuba in response.  A lot like Tonkin Gulf.  Babies in Incubators.  WMD in Iraq.  I’m an amateur historian.  Little known fact: most recent US wars were started by false flags.  That’s because Americans don’t really like to go to war.]

So the Bad Orange Man group won’t be the ones to start it.  Not even with the (silly) impeachment game that the gang in charge is running.  Even Alan Dershowitz thinks that is ridiculous.  If it starts, it will be a false flag by the gang in charge – because that’s just how they work.

Why won’t the BOM group start the civil war?   Easy – historical evidence.  How many cities has this group destroyed?  How many businesses?  Evidence suggests: that’s not their style.  Contrast with Antifa/BLM.  I go by evidence.  Not by narrative.

If you disagree, and you see a civil war as imminent, then – the buck will crater, so will treasury bonds.  Foreign confidence in the US as a safe haven will just vanish.  Short the buck.  Along with anything else that depends on “confidence in government.”  You can short both the buck and treasury bonds – if the Fed prints to keep treasury bonds aloft, the buck will crater in response.

The “long” civil war trade is physical PM and probably bitcoin, stored in your own off-exchange wallet.  Nothing paper, except maybe some paper FRNS.

I don’t see this as a near term event for the reasons I cited.  You may call me names, but I’m telling you straight according to my best information from the sources I have.  I’ll chalk this up to an incredibly effective fear campaign run by the gang in charge.  Normally you aren’t like this.

I’m guessing you aren’t the only one feeling like this.  What are your news sources, if I might ask?  That would help me understand how many people are feeling this same way.

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    Jim H

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    You are right on Dave…

Biden admin = restart of the anti-gun false flags.  Here we go again.

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    JAG, good golly man!

Get a grip! It’s not like Dave joined the League for the Advocacy of Clubbing Baby Seals. I think you over-reacted … A LOT! Show me where the hate is in his opinion piece. There isn’t any. It’s an informed opinion.

We had 3 friends who attended the rally in Washington, DC and they all have said the media has presented a very distorted image of the bigger picture of the majority of who was there, why, and what they did.

I think an apology to Dave is in order.

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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 01/11/2021


Like I’ve said many, many times I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch FOX. I don’t watch CNN. I don’t go on Facebook. I don’t go on Twitter. I occasionally watch the local weather. Hell, you really are my only source for news and I ignore most of that.

What I’m watching is my neighbors driving around with Trump flags on their trucks, yelling and shooting guns into the air for three nights in a row.

I’m watching my wife and her mother in the hospital with COVID and I can’t even go in the damn place.

I’m watching Ivermectin not f*cking work.

I’m watching my daughter cry her eyes out and talk about killing herself.

I’m watching an idiot jogging around with a giant crucifix on his back that says Trump on it.

I’m watching my businesses fail and my brokerage portfolio take a dump.

I’m watching my everyday world go to shit and I come on here for some objective financial news and all I read is fear, hate, and lies…aka politics.

To be honest, what I’m really pissed about is the Ivermectin not helping my wife. She’s had three doses and a z-pack over the last week and she still developed breathing problems yesterday. I’ve read the research many times and it should work, but it isn’t for us.

I come online this morning and I see you promoting it in your commentary and I feel like an idiot for believing in it.

Then I read that other political nonsense that you wrote and…

I know I owe you an apology but I just can’t do it yet. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m just trying to be honest in a world were honesty no longer exists.


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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 01/11/2021

I totally hear you JAG,

And I’m sorry to hear your wife and mother are in the hospital out of your reach.  I can’t imagine having a loved one who’s care is totally out of my control for a disease for which treatment is being so poorly done right now  I know it’s two late now, but did you consider giving her daily doses at 0.4 or even 0.6 mg/kg as some studies did?  Unfortunately some people are in the relative minority that aren’t helped or are minimally helped.

In March and April, I watched my then 17 year old daughter hospitalized (with no visitation in April) literally because she lost control of her thoughts as they sped out of control and started to impinge on the still top-of-class grades that she was somehow maintaining up to then.

Over the past few months, I’ve watched my wife disappear into an obscessed and dissociated state while steadily losing weight.  She is now just over 20% below normal body weight and lost another 3.5% last week.  A few days ago, she had nausea to the point where she couldn’t even keep liquids down and was already quite dehydrated.  Watching her disappear into that crowded emergency room at the hospital where I felt like it was the last time I would see her was just totally heartbreaking.

The political shit and spinning fan blades are farther from me as I live in rather quiet outer suburb of an upstate NY city, but I can sure read about it here at PP and elsewhere.  Where do you live with all of that craziness out in the streets?

The first story has gone well so far.  My daughter is totally committed to being well and has managed through self care, counseling and minimal medication to get back to the top of her game with a new focus on not doing too much.

My wife is currently stable in the hospital and sounds like her real self, rather than an absent, emotionally absent automaton.  She has a ways to go, though, in terms of gaining the weight she lost and getting to the root of the problem.  I nearly died laughing when Adam posted “How to lose weight.” That is not her problem and she could clearly give an alternate and dark take on it.

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    PM Daily Market Commentary – 01/11/2021

Is she drinking coffee? There seem to be some anecdotal reports that caffeine interferes with IVM’s anti-viral effects. This is just a shot in the dark, no science behind it.

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