Pivot Cash @ Bank to ????

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    Pivot Cash @ Bank to ????

So: the Central Banks are pumping liquidity for all it’s worth, yet here in my Country (Aus) large institutions have pulled their bond offerings (including the major banks) and the treasury officers in these companies are worried.

On top of that:

– Lebanon Defaults:  https://www.economist.com/middle-east-and-africa/2020/03/12/for-the-first-time-lebanon-defaults-on-its-debts

– Indian “Yes” Bank Defaults: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/icra-downgrades-yes-banks-rs-52600-crore-bonds-to-default/articleshow/74514255.cms

These are both “small” in the grand scheme of things are already had problems but I suspect there will be more.

Chris in his post https://www.peakprosperity.com/replay-video-coronavirus-market-meltdown-qa-webinar-3/#comment-427939

– Banks to Limit Cash Withdrawals

– “…there’s absolutely going to be a major bankruptcy in the institutional banking space”

So…..as interest rate fall, and the risk with Banks rising, keeping Cash @ Bank looks like a poor investment.  If so, what asset class do you pivot to next?

– More Gold?

– Actual Cash?

– Pokemon Figurines? 🙂


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    Pivot Cash @ Bank to ????

Depends on your situation

Do you already own farm land? If not, that would be strong possibility. Dont know farming? Buy orchard or or food forest.

The future holds much disruption. Think supplies and  means of production.

Beans, bandaids. Soil, silver, seeds.

Also evaluate your team. Might be a good time to buy into a preparedness / self sustaining community

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    Actual Cash, in the Short Term


Hi, jmone.

In the short term, I think actual cash is a requirement — at least enough to get through 2-3 months of living expenses.  The answer Durable gave is more about longer term strategies, and there is a *lot* of good information on this web site about that.  Start at the “Learn” tab (above), and go through The Crash Course.  That will give you the frame to start thinking about resiliency for the longer term.

Good luck to us all!

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