Perspective on “cases” and PCR

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  • Thu, Oct 15, 2020 - 10:39am



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    UK Government leaders in casedemic SCAM using weaponized PCR

@Adam Cohen
I submitted a Freedom of Information Request trying to get accurate info on the cycle thresholds of the PCR testing being used by the UK government. After three weeks they came back with nothing useful. So instead I took a different tack…

I happen to know the lead COVID analyst in the local NHS trust (we sit on a governing board together). I asked him about the cycle thresholds. He didn’t know anything about them as he’s really just a “number cruncher” but looked into it for me as he works “with the heads of pathology and microbiology and some key consultants regularly” and because he’s a nice guy.

Yesterday he came back to me having gotten in touch with one of his colleagues to ask about the cycle thresholds being used. This was the answer:

“45 cycles as the enzyme is shot after that.”

I’ve variously seen evidence that the PCR tests shouldn’t be cycled beyond 33-36 cycles. But 45?! That’s an amplification of over 35 trillion times!

Surely, this is why the UK is getting such staggering numbers of “cases”?

WOW!!!! WTF??? Really?? What an outright SCAM, if that’s true! All it takes for a “positive” (which they then call “case”) is like what, a single molecule of matching viral RNA? 10? 100? And they don’t keep going because DNA polymerase is “shot” (broken) after 45 cycles?

As PCR inventor Kary Mullis explained and warned, you can find almost anything with enough cycles:

Where the fuck is CLOWN Boris Johnson on this??? He almost looked like a half-decent leader at one point before the pandemic-scamdemic.

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