Personal readiness is going: Professional Association is not

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    Personal readiness is going: Professional Association is not

My question is about how to prepare the associations with which we are a part of.  I am part of a teacher association which has control over its own retirement plan, health care and insurance.  It is also a professional association dealing with professional issues in education.  It dialogues with school boards and the provincial education ministry.  I would like to make a presentation to this association in regards to Peak Oil and how it will affect the retirement plans, negotiations with the province and any other monetary plan that we have control of.  Most of that money is invested with Greystone Management.  I worry that that this management company is not thinking about implications of peak oil on the economy.  What would be in your presentation to your pears if you were me and I had to convince them that they need to prepare.  What strategies does an association take to prepare for the future that WE know is coming.  It is easy as an individual (sort of).  We are forced to invest our money for our retirements which may be a good thing but what could we do instead?

Thanks for all your consideration into this.  I did present a resolution at our council to have this looked at.  We have not considered or voted on it yet.  This will happen in April 2011.


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