Personal Portfolio Profiles- share your stories about investing

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    Personal Portfolio Profiles- share your stories about investing

Personal Portfolio Profiles- I’m curious about people’s daily portfolio moves. I thought I’d provide a brief synopsis of my portfolio history and some insight about my potential near future investment decisions.  Hopefully, this is chance for you to reflect upon the last several years of your investing life and to join with others in navigating the rough waters of 2009. Here’s my story…


In 2000-1, I inherited $3 Million of stock in 5 companies(DNB, RX, MCO, IT and RHD). 


I held these stocks and dabbled in the stock market with an additional $500,000 for 6 years. By 2006, the overall portfolio grew to over $7 Million. 


I first tuned into Chris Martenson’s theories around 2006 and I committed 12% of my portfolio to precious metals. I bought mostly gold and silver(small amount of platinum and palladium) at three different stages- when gold hit $525, $715, and $950. I also own GLD.


In 2007 and early 2008, I sold 90% of my stocks. I got the cue that it was time to turn the ‘funny money’ into something real. While the ‘funny numbers’ were high and there was a slump in real estate, I bought over $900,000 worth of land.


My latest trades were in November when I was trying to buy into a few stocks/etf’s at some lows such as [email protected]$14, [email protected]$14, [email protected]$3.25, [email protected]$7. I got scared off from the stock market- ‘it felt like I was trying to catch a falling knife.’


I don’t think I’ll miss the bottom for probably the next 18 months. I set some lower limit alerts for about a dozen stocks at a potential INDU bottom of 5500. Otherwise, I’m sitting on cash, PM and land(and 5-10% in the stock market).


I sense that 1) deflation is going to wipe out about 1/2 of people’s savings, 2)inflation will wipe out 50% of what’s left, and 3) taxes will wipe out 50% of what’s left after that.


I think we’re on the verge of an oil rally and I may buy in at the $40 level. I’m hanging onto my PM. I would like to find more diversified hedges against the dollar other than commodities. I’ll keep you all posted about my future moves.


I’d love to have insight into other people’s play-by-play investing. Please share your stories! Thanks! -deadman

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