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personal plans

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    personal plans

Wow, what a great website.  Finding this and going through all the info crytalised a lot of what I had been feelings.  Interestingly enough, the BBC posted an article on agriculture and the need to reform based on a UK governmental/European report which put oil as on of the reasons.

The thing that striked me is that no government will ever admit to there being an issue, the general populus will be treated like small children that won’t fully understand and may panic.  This would be the same for any major issue, natural disasters, disease,etc etc.  Again, there is the issue that people need to expect dramatic change.  No more 4 holidays a year.  No disposable items, nappies/dypers etc.  No more car and no more being able to commute for 1 hour to get to work or to just pop out to the shops to get that pint of milk when you have run out!!

I am a scientist and I work with somehighly educated people.  I discussed some of the issues this site raises, it brought some pretty blank looks and some strong negative reactions from others without even a willingness to listen to these data.  I conclude that many an individual has such a strong framing that proves to them that because there has always been progress there always will be.  Additionally, they point to the stats that prove their own point of view, oil for 200 more years and no to anthroprogenic global warming, certainly, they are very closed.

I have always had an interest in the big outdoors, the escape from it all (maybe due to too many hotels and airplanes with work).  Increasingly, I am drawn to this more and more.  I wonder whether camping and bush skills will become vital in the coming years in order to make up for the shortfall in what one normally expects from normal society. 

So my question is, what are peoples plans?  How to educate our kids about the future reality?  Having considered this for ones own situation, what are the likely consequences for all those living in cities as home gardening/growing food may be quite difficult?

Do I worry for my family and myself? Sure I do.  Will we be okay? Yes, experience has taught me that preparation and planning are key.  However, I do worry about the broader society, there is too much emphasis on instant gratification and in the words of Covey, you can’t havest in September without first planting in the spring.


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    Re: personal plans

Hi Britinbe-

There’s an interesting thread going on here that relates to your question (if you haven’t found it already).

link to other thread


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