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Peak Prosperity Sebastipol – Crypto Currency event

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  • Wed, May 09, 2018 - 02:55pm



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    Peak Prosperity Sebastipol – Crypto Currency event

I had a great time finally meeting many of you in person.  I finally met Dave Fairtex in person and gained some good insight for you all. I don’t want to give too many of his secrets away but the trick is to lead with your left and watch for his uppercuts. 

I did a two-hour presentation on the significance of bitcointhe blockchain and gave a few examples of how it will intertwine with all of the three Es.  Although it was a free presentation given after the official regular event wound down – I was surprised to see the attendance. When I asked to see a show of hands in the audience for how many owned bitcoin or other blockchain assets, almost half of the room raised their hand.  I tried to narrow it down some more and found only one person owned ONLY bitcoin. Everybody else it seemed has jumped in with both feet and didn’t stop at bitcoin. 

Somebody else in the audience asked the rest by a show of hands, how many people were underwater or had lost money at this point.  Only one had went up. I suppose he had purchased during the last run-up last winter and is just a paper loss while the bear continues to reverse.

I was surprised at the warm response. Dozens of people showed deep appreciation that I did not know where following my many conversations with you.  Considering how relatively few people comment, like or unlike our conversations it was obvious that the blockchain section of this website has had a profound effect on at least dozens but I suspect… hundreds. 

Some of you had to leave early to catch flights, or planning for the long road trip home and I promised you that I would record it and make the presentation available online. I had a bit of problem with the recording media but I think I’ve got it transferred and ready for editing. Watch for the replay in the next few days. It was wildly popular and I think you’ll like it.

So I wanted to say thank you to all of you supporters there. It was really fun meeting the gang in person and I expressed to Chris my gratitude for the website, his vision, and education that lead me down the path where I could recognize the power of bitcoin and the blockchain.  Dave, however, had to miss that portion of the event, so I’m sure I’ll have to continue our dialog to convince him about how wrong he is about bitcoin and try to get him to see the light.  Without my hey-maker.






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