Peak Prosperity outreach campaign in NYC around screenings of 45 minute intro film

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  • Fri, Apr 12, 2013 - 03:42pm

    Dan Miner

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    Peak Prosperity outreach campaign in NYC around screenings of 45 minute intro film

Hi, members of Awake NYC.  It seems like after Hurricane Sandy, there's an opportunity to get New Yorkers thinking about resilience. I organized many film screenings and presentations during volunteer stints as organizer of Peak Oil NYC Meetup, and briefly as chair of Sierra Club NYC.  I rebranded the Meetup site as Resilience NYC, and propose pitching screenings of the 45 minute Crash Course and a 42 minute climate change film from  The pitch letter follows.  Is anyone on this list interested in collaborating? If you have connections with neighborhood or community organizations and you're willing to contact them about setting up events, please get in touch. 

Dan Miner, [email protected]



Neighborhood film screenings to make NYC
more resilient and more sustainable

Dear Community Leader,

NYC’s excellent sustainability programs are moving in the right direction.  But as we learned from Hurricane Sandy, we have to plan not just for long-term climate change, but for the extreme weather events which climate change will make more frequent.  City efforts are being planned to make NYC more resilient – able to bounce back after change or disruption. 

There’s good news: many resilience upgrades can also increase long-term sustainability, save money and create local jobs, all at the same time. Raising public awareness about our environmental, energy and economic challenges will tap into the creativity of New Yorkers – and ensure that our City and our communities will take advantage from those opportunities. 

We propose bringing neighbors together to explore where sustainability and resilience responses overlap, and how to respond as individuals.  Free video screenings will be followed by facilitated group discussion, and referral to existing programs & resources.

– The Crash Course: Our economy, energy systems and environment are interdependent and will face increasing challenges as we continue to run up against the limits of finite natural resources. Chris Martenson, a scientist and Fortune 300 finance VP, created a free online three hour video to present these issues in a rigorously factual and easily digestible way. (45 minute version)

Do The Math: Climate scientists have measured the carbon in fossil fuel supplies still to be burned and the consequences if it is all used.  This film features the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis, challenge the fossil fuel industry, and promote a global power shift to clean energy. (42 minutes)

Sparking discussions in your neighborhood will lead to projects that make it greener and more resilient, while growing connections between neighbors. Promoting energy efficiency and conservation upgrades for buildings, and installing more solar power systems, are well-known examples of win-win-win responses.    Energy partners include Con Edison and NYSERDA. 

Remember the fuel supply disruptions after Hurricane Sandy?   Getting more of what we need from near the City reduces our dependence on vulnerable long-distance supply chains, and is good for both the climate and the economy.   Expanding mass transit services, and getting more of the City’s food from within NY State, are smart choices.  

But we can start with very practical first steps for individual and neighborhood resilience through NYC Office of Emergency Management’s community programs.  Please contact me to organize a screening for your group or community.   


Dan Miner
Volunteer organizer, Resilience NYC / Beyond Oil NYC
718.786.5300 x 27 [email protected]

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