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Peak Oil Awareness posters?

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  • Fri, Mar 20, 2009 - 03:18am



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    Peak Oil Awareness posters?

Hello World,

I’ve been looking for simple, easy to grasp, attractive posters on the topic of peak-oil. At my work place, people do stick a lot of posters and read others’ posters. A majority of the population at my work place are pretty smart and reasonably educated. Its often easy to find posters on Global Warming, etc., on people’s cubicle walls. However, peak oil is still a topic that most don’t "agree to". I’ve even heard some say "It better not be true!" and laugh.

Now, Its sad people have become less social. They’d go about putting up posters… but they won’t talk about it openly… probably because we’ve become beings that prefer lesser human contact? Hence, I’ve found that talking to people about peak-oil, the economy is not as ‘comfortable’ to them as them stopping by outside people’s cubicle walls to read the posters.

However, I feel, the only way is to fight the system is to use the system’s strengths – use posters!

If any of you are planning on creating one, let’s collaborate here to build out peak oil awareness creation posters. What say?

Here’s my first poster idea – simple, data driven:

"The oil we eat"

– X KGs of Rice/Wheat

– X KGs of Poultry, X KGs of Pork, X KGs of Beef

– X KGs of food transportation over N Kilometers in N hours

– X Watts of power for refridgeration

– % Land under industrial farming practices: N billion acres


That’s it. Just data. Except, this should be laid out as a poster – catchy, simple and attractive – not the least like the above mentioned bullet points. These could all be separate posters too, but the lesser and more denser the information presented, the better.

Of course, besides this, there should also be one about peak oil itself – how it is happening NOW… that alternatives are a delusion and that the right solution is to tune ourselves down a bit in our lifestyles. I want something that exactly conveys this concept – any ideas, o wise ones? 🙂

I’ve already searched on the web for nearly 3 weeks now and found nothing that conveyed this in an effective way. There are some posters that need people to stand around and read for a long time.Trust me, most people won’t spend more than 30 seconds on a poster.

  • Fri, Mar 20, 2009 - 03:22am

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    Re: Peak Oil Awareness posters?

Just realized I didn’t mention what the first poster is trying to say. The first poster is essentially about  how much 1 Barrel of oil contributes to the end-to-end production of food (fertilizers, pesticides, mechanisation, transportation, processing, cold storage, etc.,) It could even be a pie chart, btw.

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