Paul Craig Roberts: The Demise of the US

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  • Thu, Jan 21, 2021 - 05:15am

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    Paul Craig Roberts: The Demise of the US

Paul Craig Roberts lays out what is happening in no uncertain terms.

Paul Craig Roberts, America’s Demise Is Near At Hand

A certain segment of the population will be absolutely thrilled with what is coming.

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    Reply To: Paul Craig Roberts: The Demise of the US

I suggest listening to Dr. Nicole Gold’s recent webcast, that was deleted from Youtube, if you can find it.

I think it may have been first linked to, from the PP forums.

She describes the EXTREME pressure she received to NOT prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, as a physician treating Covid19 patients at Adventist Health Bakersfield hospital, earlier in 2020.


I am very familiar with the use of patients to extract $ Revenues for the “medical” industry.

But the pressure she received to not use the cheap effective solution …

I think Catherine Austin Fitts’ hypothesis is correct.  That Trump would have been re-elected if the US did a decent job with Covid19 during his time in office.

So there was a temporary alignment of the medical industry’s need to have a SERIOUS Cha-Ching moment … or Year … or 2 Years.

And the desire to not have Trump re-elected.


Ivermectin being legalized for Covid19 treatment in the US on January 15, 2021 … interesting timing.

Will Biden or Fauci be speaking more about Vitamin D in the near future ?


Though Trump had 9 months to set the US on a different course, relative to Covid19.  He could have instructed the US military to simply hand out Vitamin D in -1- US state.

But Trump didn’t care, and/or he was too ignorant to put someone like Chris (Martenson) in charge of his Covid19 response.


Simone Gold, MD, JD on Covid-19 Problems and Misinformation on Vimeo

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    Paul Craig Roberts: The Demise of the US

On the subject of Fitts, I remember her opinion on the Ebola outbreak during Obama’s second term (remember that?)

She noticed that the coverage of Ebola spreading out of control reached a fever pitch in the last few days leading up to the mid-term elections.   The media coverage of Ebola was almost exactly 0 starting the day after the election.


Her view was that Ebola was being pumped by people who didnt like Obama as a disease that comes from “awful brown people pouring into America from awful brown countries and the awful brown president is just letting it happen.”.


But once the mid-terms were over there was no more use for this narrative and thats why Ebola went from a front page story to nothing overnight.


At the time I thought this was an example of someone maybe connecting too many coincidences as dots.   But with the news on HCQ, Ivm and now the WHO is warning against high cycle PCR tests as something that inflates case counts, and all immediately after the election.   Seems she may have been onto something.

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