Paradigm Press and investing

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    Paradigm Press and investing


I’ve been a peak prosperity member for about a year and a half now after viewing it for a few years without a subscription. After discovering Dmitry Orlov a few years back, I found peak prosperity via a stream of links since all of these sites and groups are connected in some way or another.

Such is the case with Paradigm Press, a website which provides independent economic commentary, analysis and education per the statement on the about page on their website. After Chris posted The One True Thing on March 23 of this year, I purchased Rich Dad and Tax Free wealth to better understand personal finance. Paradigm Press offers investing schemes from people whose books and work are on the Peak Prosperity website such as Jim Rickards, Robert Kiyosaki and Nomi Prins. I don’t have any experience or skin in the stock market game and I don’t have any intention of getting into it without any prudent advising, particularly at this stage of the game. I’m one of the ones of who is a bit behind in this whole thing and it sure would be nice to reap a big financial windfall to use for boosting my resiliency (ie., purchasing land, income producing real estate assets, equipment, boosting savings, etc.). Has anyone used the offerings on Paradigm Press to get big gains in the stock market? I’m intrigued by these programs since these people are connected with Peak Prosperity and seemingly have credibility in their careers and work. I really have no idea about them and wouldn’t want to sign up for programs like these unless they can guarantee a decent return on investment.


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