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PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!

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  • Sun, Dec 07, 2008 - 06:18pm



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    PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!

PAL DVD Released – European and Asian Readers:  We need your help…

To our friends across the pond(s):

The PAL version of the Crash Course DVD has been released on BitTorrent
in the form of an ISO file that can be burned directly to a recordable
DVD medium.  But we still need your help!  You see, BitTorrent is built
on the concept of sharing:  the only way it can work, and for the file
to become widely available, is for many people to download it (and then
make it available for upload) as possible.  If a bunch of people simply
download the ISO file and then turn off their Torrent program, it won’t
do any good.  We need people downloading AND uploading.  Each time the
file is fully downloaded and then made available for upload, the more
widely available the file will become, the more likely the file will be
if several people turn their computers off, and the quicker the DVD can
be downloaded by others (up to their internet speed).

The process by which a Torrent file is downloaded to be made available
for upload is called "seeding".  This is where you, our Asian and
European readers
, come in.  Because the download process is greatly
affected by geographical location, we need people in Europe and Asia to
serve as "seeds" for others to download the file.  "Breaking the cycle"
of someone downloading the file and then signing off of Torrent
requires that we have committed "seeders" willing to make the file
available through their machine.  If you are interested in helping us
out, please leave a comment to this post with your intentions and
contact information.  I will get a hold of you with details for which
BitTorrent program to use and how to access the PAL ISO file.

Asia and Europe deserve to know about the messages in the Crash Course
too and the more people we have doing this, the faster we can make that
message heard.

Thanks for your time.


Lucas Altic
Director of Volunteer Operations

  • Sat, Dec 13, 2008 - 12:06pm



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    Re: PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!

Thank you for the PAL copy. I have downloaded the ISO and am sending out copies daily.

I send out the below statement in a leaflet with the DVD as I know that people have to be persuaded to watch. It is not the finished copy as I am perfecting it as I go along.

I say "… watch the first three chapters" as we all know, here, that once they do, they will be hooked!. I also suggest sending out just two copies as that doesn’t seem like a huge task, but once they have seen it, they will think of a lot more they will want to send it to.

In Britain we have a saying… "softly, softly, catchee, monkey" This is a saying I have made use of all my life (ex sales manager) and it has been very useful to me.

I am not saying it will work for you, because – as it stands – it won’t. The order might but you will need a little reworking to put it into your own words.

I hope this may be of help to others here.



This DVD
has been compiled by a researching scientist who is also an expert in
economics and finance. It shows how the world has got into the
terrible mess it is in
and how, interacting with the earth’s
resources and our population explosion, we learn that things are
going to get a lot more “interesting” before reverting
back to normal. Chris Martenson has n excellent way of getting his message across in a language even the youngest child can understand.

with a family to look after, or is single and under fifty needs to
watch this DVD.

advice is just to decide to watch the first three chapters.
Then, if it really doesn’t grip you in the pit of your stomach, you
may put it down with my blessing 🙂 Also, if you don’t watch
it to the end, I would ask you to return it to me so I can pass it on
to others.

enclosed DVD is playable on a DVD player attached to a Television or
on a computer that is enabled to play commercial DVDs.

may be legally copied
and you may make as many copies as you
like. Please, after you have watched the video, and if you have a
computer with a DVD writer, make at least two copies and send
them to your friends or relatives. If you haven’t got a DVD writer,
perhaps you have a friend, neighbour or relative who would help? Or
ask me?

you have an American friend you want to send it to,
ask me and I
will give you an NTFS copy that will work in North American DVD and
TV boxes.

they should be sent to people who are the head of their families
as the information on this DVD is such that it will enable the
head of house to plan for their families security for the future.

the video is over three hours long, it has twenty-one chapters and
you can go directly to any chapter if you want to watch over
several sittings just by clicking on the chapter button. I wish more
videos were made this way so one did not have to fast forward every
time one needed a break.

I am
permitted to charge up to $10 (£7) for this DVD but I honestly feel it is
too important to create any barriers to watching it.


  • Mon, Dec 15, 2008 - 09:55pm



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    Re: PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!


Great suggestions.  Another thing we could do would be to set up a "traveling DVD" concept.  It is similar to a "traveling book" in that the viewer simply passes it on to the next person after they have watched it.  In this way, they could participate without having to have a DVD player.  Maybe just a simple sticker on the back of the DVD box would suffice to explain the concept…

Keep the great ideas coming!


  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 09:59pm



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    Re: PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!


Love the text you are using for emailing.  I wish it had been posted over on the VIP thread about getting the word out.  I’m planning to copy it and begin an emailing campaign of my own, but just with a link to Chris’ page.  I’m going to suggest that they watch the 1st 5 chapters and I’m going to point out to them that it will only take 15 minutes of their time.

… Don

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 10:45pm


    Erik T.

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    Re: PAL version of Crash Course DVD released!


I LOVE your ideas here, but would you mind re-posting this as a new thread in the Promote the Crash Course forum area? That forum area was created just so we could capture great ideas like this, and I’m afraid it will be lost here in this thread.




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