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Pacific Northwest Tour

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    Pacific Northwest Tour


I'm planning to do a road trip around the Pacific Northwest (specifically, Northern California – Shasta, etc. Southern Oregon – Bend area, Washington -Spokane and Idaho – Corte de' Alene, Moscow area). I've come across one PP member in Shasta who I'm going to visit, and am hoping to meet more people to chat, exchange info, and just to get a general feel of the ground. I'm hoping to do this road trip in August. 

Does anybody live in the Pacific Northwest? 

Also are there places you would recommend I visit? (Relocation purposes) 

I'm in my mid 30's, active, happy, and eager to find a community to set roots in. 

Any comments appreciated. Thank you!   

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    Great feedback. Generally,

Great feedback. Generally, where did you land when you moved away from WA/OR? We're leaving Western WA North of Seattle, and would like to live in a financially responsible state with more sunshine. Boise is the simple solution, but I'm not convinced I'll appreciate the brown hills around the city.

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