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Outside vs. Inside

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  • Tue, Mar 31, 2020 - 04:42am



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    Outside vs. Inside

For protection against CV19, I understand the importance of treating everything you touch and everyone you meet outside the home as if it/they were potentially infected. That means a mask, gloves and distance. Similarly, anything you bring into the home including clothing should be treated the same way after the rare forays out to replenish supplies. But I’m curious as to your thoughts about how far to take it, once inside.

I always wipe down any item I bring inside and any surfaces they might have touched. I also (obviously) wash up after venturing out for a walk, to walk my dog, etc.  As someone quipped, “I’ve washed my hands so much I’m starting to see my 8th grade history notes.” That said, other than an obvious need for cleanliness and hygiene that has always been necessary for general health and well being, I don’t see the need to continually wipe down surfaces within the home if no one has come in or out and nothing from the outside world has come in contact with them. Do you?

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