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Out-of-the-Mainstream Landscaper Estimate

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  • Thu, Aug 18, 2016 - 11:48am


    Wendy S. Delmater

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    Out-of-the-Mainstream Landscaper Estimate

not our plan, just an example

Okay, that was weird. 

As I have mentioned earlier, my husband and I took a year off gardening (annuals, anyway) and are using that time to redo the garden layout and irrigation. Since we are older and there is earth moving and construction involved, and we’ve got the cash, we are getting three estimates for landscaping companies to do it for us this winter.  This far south, we usually only have 2-4 weeks of winter weather that’s bad enough to halt such work and most maintenance places need the work between October and February. . 

So. Estimate number one was this morning. Edible landscaping? Migod, you’d have thought I was from outer space the reaction we got to that idea. The salesman/estimator was taken aback that we did not want pretty landscaping to increase the value of our house or impress our neighbors. We wanted berms to let rainwater drain to the fruit trees and vines and bushes, and a drip irrigation system from our well to a new raised bed and certain trees, and a  new triangular edible landscape bed in the front yard. “This certainly is different,” the salesman said as he sat in our dining room taking notes

You also would have thought he’d never seen home canned food before. Maybe he hadn’t.

Our motivation for doing all this is not “hobby” or “exercise” but those are the reasons the salesman understood. I’m bemused. It really underscored how unusual our mindset it. 

I will let you now how the other estimates go. But, wow, I had no idea we were that far out in left field. 

  • Thu, Nov 17, 2016 - 05:34am

    Alycia Earl

    Alycia Earl

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    Just read this post and

Just read this post and wondered if you have made any progress with your edible landscape? We have almost a blank slate of a 2 acre field and I'm dying to get started in making it a productive, thriving (and of course edible!) landscape. 

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