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One way to identify good communities, maybe?

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  • Thu, Feb 21, 2013 - 05:19pm



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    One way to identify good communities, maybe?

I saw this article in the paper about the town of Sebastopol getting ready to ban Smartmeter installations.

One thing that surprised me is that it mentioned 50 California cities have already instituted such a ban.

Personally, I am undecided about Smartmeters and I don't think of them as a very big deal, especially compared to some of the other challenges we will likely be facing soon, but I do wonder if this says something good about the cities that institute these bans. Maybe, statistically, these cities are more likely to have a community that is active in its own leadership, maybe it is made up of more informed/involved individuals, maybe it is more likely to be a place that cares about health, sustainability, building for the future, civil liberties, the right to privacy and autonomy, etc.

I googled for a list of these cities but can't find one. I'd very much like to see one, if anyone else can find one, that would be great. I'm curious to see who's on there. I'm also curious to know you guys' thoughts on whether this might be a useful metric for compiling a list of prospective communities to relocate to.

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