Number question, that i´ve been trying to find out.

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    Number question, that i´ve been trying to find out.

Hello,I´m just ordinary fellow from Finland, Scandinavia and i´m glad i found this informative site from flood of paranoia around this subject. There is still one question that has been bugging my mind, that i haven´t been able to solve out. I´m sorry that i can´t provide much of the forums expectations: accuracy, facts, solutions etc. How ever…
How much US government owes to Fed?
Is that debt minor or major?
I´m asking this, because doesn´t US government have legitimate option to buy Fed with some fixed amount of money in case of Federal Reserve Act is been abolished? Because you cant owe to yourself, wouldn´t that dept then nullify it self?
If that´s the case and the debt is major, it creates interesting element and propably some pressure to abolish the act, when the crisis hits the crowded and indebted middle class. Now, i don´t know if it´s good or bad. Just curious.
Antti Vermas

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    Re: Number question, that i´ve been trying to find out.

You would be interested in the following:

 I quote (i copie):

"The U.S. Congress has the option to buy back the FED at $450 million
(per Congressional Records). If the Congress does this, it will own
back the billions of U.S. Government Bonds held by the FED. The U.S.
Government will actually profit by buying back the FED; and the U.S.
government would no longer have to pay interests to the FED owners on
those bonds.

This will give the owners of the FED what they
deserve after all the years of milking the public. Through their
ownerships in the FED, powerful foreign and domestic banks have raked
in trillions of dollars in tax free dividends; isn’t it about time we
do something about it? "


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    how to accept settlement

Hi I am new on this site as I came upon it over the weekend.

I need to make a very important decission later this week for my 17 year old daughter who has received a large settlement for a car accident she was in when she was 12.

My question is should I invest in a structured settlement or take the lump sum?

I am scared to accept the structured settlement as we can all see how the economy has been and I am afraid that if I do the company that handles the structure may go under – as we are seeing this often lately.

I have considered putting the monies in a trust account, but the attorney who is handling the case is pushing for me to accept the structured settlement.

I know that structures are not FDIC insured and that there is no guarantee and if anything were to happen then her money would be gone.

Any advise is greatly appreciated as I really don’t have family to advise in this particular situation.

Thank you


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