NSW Australia – Non-essential Retail Vaccine Mandates + Moderna

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    NSW Australia – Non-essential Retail Vaccine Mandates + Moderna

More crazy stories coming out about retail vaccine mandates in NSW, Australia.  Supposedly, this applies to ALL non-essential retail. This doesn’t really sound like they (retailers) have got any choice in the matter.

Retail giant Best and Less is the latest to announce only fully vaccinated staff and customers will be permitted in their New South Wales stores when the state reopens. With the New South Wales government outlining a plan, indicating all non-essential stores must follow these same rules once the state reaches the 70 per cent fully vaccinated threshold.

Given that they (the employers) will be bearing the liability for all the vax injuries involved (over the whole lifetimes of their employees – see here and here [peakprosperity.com]), what would you do as a retailer?  I’d be contacting my industry association, immediately. But wait, that’s Paul Zahra (Australian Retailers Association) in the video!

Moderna Vaccine in Australia Now

Also, the Moderna vaccine is now being rolled out in Australia, with millions of doses planned.  Moderna is, by most accounts, the most dangerous of the vaccines.  See this excellent post on this very forum (thanks @skepticsembracefailure):

Minimizing Vaccine Side Effects [peakprosperity.com]

We do know Moderna is worse than Pfizer based on VAERS death rates and the 3.33x higher vaccine dose with Moderna than Pfizer. Most interestingly, you can see that the US has all but curtailed administration of Moderna since around May based on this graph.


To not mince words, it seems they realized it’s killing people significantly more than Pfizer. So I think it’s very easy to rule out Moderna.




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    NSW Australia – Non-essential Retail Vaccine Mandates + Moderna

Some good resources here maybe

Hold the Line


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    NSW Australia – Non-essential Retail Vaccine Mandates + Moderna

The insidious part of these mandates is that you know they would simply have the unvaccinated rounded up and forcibly injected if they knew they could get away with it.

They’re pushing out mandates for entry into “non essential” retail stores now. Next it will be all retail spaces—including grocery stores.

I fear that Australia is only ahead of Canada in this. If the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that our prime minister’s father help draft meant anything we would not have gotten this far. Going further is not a matter of reason or legality. It’s a matter of further public brainwashing.

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