NSA now spies on everyone in the US?

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    NSA now spies on everyone in the US?

Note:  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue.  It’s not necessary to do research.  Just post your comment below.

If the US Government treats all citizens like foreign enemies, what does it mean to be a “citizen”?  And is this still the United States of America?

The super secret NSA (National Security Agency) is four times the size of the CIA.  It is limited by law to targets outside the US.  It employs the most advanced resources on earth for collecting, sorting, tracking, decrypting, and analyzing electronic data in staggering quantities.  All foreign sources are subject to monitoring – radios, phones, satellites, computers, voice, data – anything electronic.

Now this awesome power is being directed against YOU and every other person in the United States according to former NSA insiders who held high level positions.  They report that nearly all domestic electronic communications and internet activity are being captured, recorded, and stored.  Under program Stellar Wind, data will be linked to individuals, and their social networks mapped.  Financial records, and other data from commercial sources may also be included to compile a complete dossier on everyone and their activities.  This will all be continuously updated in a searchable database for easy retrieval from any location.  Software will mine the data looking for anything “suspicious” for further study.  And only “they” get to define what is suspicious.

While this sounds like a New World Order conspiracy theory, it is being reported by credible people in positions to know.  Some of these whistle blowers were threatened with unsuccessful criminal charges, with up to 35 years imprisonment, and even endured SWAT raids on their homes by the FBI.

You can forget about suing the NSA for violating your Fourth Amendment right against “unreasonable searches”.  The Supreme Court already closed that door.

I invite you to review the sources and judge for yourself.  William Binney is the most outspoken, but Thomas Drake and others are on the record as well.  I have provided some links and encourage you to search further.  Since all NSA activity is shrouded in secrecy, we can’t know conclusively what they are doing.  But we need to look as deep as we can and draw reasonable conclusions.  This is a critical issue and it is important to have multiple members look into this and share their findings and thoughtsIt is important to know if we live in a Constitutional Republic or a Tyranny.


The Program  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9vk0OL2TZI
My thanks to the member who posted this video previously.  I was unable to find that post to give them proper credit.

Drake, Wiebe, Binney  Click this link for a stunning video interview with three whistle blowers.

William Binney
RT short video 
DemNow part 1
DemNow part 2
DemNow part 3

Thomas Drake
Natl Press Club  Time stamps of note – 15:30 monitoring, 32:45 confirm monitoring, 41:00 Congress suppressed his info, 49:00 spy on reporters, 54:00 young people, 58:00 financial records,  59:00 associates targeted

More information
YouTube – NSA Stellar Wind
From Ao – Utah data center
Wall Street JournalNSA’s Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data  Outdated but useful

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    Reply To: NSA now spies on everyone in the US?

probably the answer to your question is yes, due to war on terror and peace situations the nsa is spying on everyone entering and exiting the country and migrants

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    re: Reply To: NSA now spies on everyone in the US?

AI troll ! ! 🙀

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    Declassification is Disinfectant

With the spotlight now shinning on the deep state spymasters, the Dems are crowing about the dangers of revealing the contents of the Russia probe origins. They are concerned with “sources and methods” being revealed. ( How ironic that they want full declass of the Mueller report….even the grand jury portions).

The damage to our election system and disintegration of the integrity of government has to be seen as the potential end of our country. If elections can be overthrown we no longer have a republic. This is not hyperbole……this shakes the foundation of our country.

Let the truth come out. If draining the swamp takes players from both parties down …..so be it. Our country is more important than the individuals involved or party affiliations.

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Where have you been the last 17 years?  What do you suppose the “Total” in Total Information Awareness (TIA) program (started shortly after the Patriot Act of late 2001) means?   Don’t be fooled by the supposedly 2003 defunding of the TIA, it was refunded under a different name, Intelligence from Massive Data or something similar.   Oops, the TIA name was a little too easy for the masses to grasp.

We lost the 4th amendment more than a decade a go.  And if you don’t seem sure about that, Kavanaugh wrote that (somehow) the gov’s suspicion-less surveillance is consistent with the Fourth Amendment and now he is on the supreme court.  Don’t know if he assaulted women, but he has been screwing the citizenry for some while.

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    Reply To: NSA now spies on everyone in the US?

most probably yes, they are spying on everyone in the US, as well as those people who are traveling to USA, many IT experts have found they also get data from google and facebook to check the activity of random people.

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