Norway warns of fatal side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after elderly deaths

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    Norway warns of fatal side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after elderly deaths

I happened upon this article tonight that looks to have come out today from Norway saying that they are warning people over 80 about the vaccine as they believe there may be a correlation between the vaccine and at least a small number of deaths there.

Norway warns of fatal side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after elderly deaths – The Local

I believe I recall reading about a post earlier in the week here in the States where there were no cases (nor deaths) at a retirement community in NY until after vaccines were administered. Wondering if we are going to see a new pattern emerge or not.

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    Norway warns of fatal side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after elderly deaths

You wont see the pattern in the US.  They will attribute the death to other or natural causes here .. Sorry.. But that is just the way we fly here in the US

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    Facial Paralysis in 13 vaccinated In Israel

Bells Palsy? Also FDA sees similar effects in US.

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    Norway warns of fatal side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after elderly deaths

About some anafylactic reactions: no need to worry. Just keep the people just vaccinated around the facility for half an hr. This is predictable and can be mitigated….

But this seems like a triggered auto immune response and seems to occur in clusters.

I was almost ready to get the shot.

However: They (Dutch gov.) is not issuing vaxxx proof (Vaxxxx-passports) I was quite willing to to get the shots, ready to take up the risks of adverse effects, in order to move on with my life!!! Even exposing myself to some risks…

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    Norway stopped genocide of their elders almost before it started

The vaccine inserts themselves are saying old people should not get the vaccine. Their test subjects have all been healthy young people. Giving frail elderly people the vaccine is genocide, and several governments (unlike the Norwegian one which “wisely” halted this after a bunch of deaths) are injecting/killing the old people first in order to lessen the social security burden… despite the vaccine manufacturers themselves saying old people, people with autoimmune disesase, and other vulnerable groups should not get the vaccine.

It’s pretty obvious the vaccines are already starting to maim and kill tons of people… I hope the videos are reaching all of you and that you have forwarded them to all your loved ones or even everyone you know so that they can forward them to their loved ones.

See Mike Adams’ Compilation of recent stories and videos covering covid vaccine injuries, side effects and DEATHS:

(Natural News) Part of the reason Big Tech censors anyone who discusses the truth about vaccine injuries is because they don’t want you to find out how dangerous covid vaccines really are.

Across the USA and around the world, people are dying from covid-19 vaccines. Many others are experiencing horrific convulsions, partial paralysis, hospitalizations and other bizarre side effects. (See the shocking videos below, all of which are banned on YouTube and Facebook.)

The following is a collection of some recent stories revealing the dangers of covid-19 vaccines. H/t to The Burning Platform for the list.


  • Sun, Jan 17, 2021 - 10:07am


    Jim H

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    Neurological damage due to mRNA vaccines; Putting the pieces together

We can see now these clear examples of neurological damage caused by the mRNA vaccines.  I found this interview with a neurologist helpful – he reviews how the research has already suggested since 2012 that the PEG-coated mRNA ends up in the brain… it’s not supposed to.


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