Norther Arizona Flagstaff Area

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  • Wed, Nov 24, 2021 - 05:30pm

    Emily Burgoon

    Emily Burgoon

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    Norther Arizona Flagstaff Area

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to finally join this site, I’ve been following Chris since the beginning of the pandemic and am grateful for all the clear information he’s made available.

I live in Flagstaff AZ – are there other members in Northern AZ? I have a 13 year old who goes to online school, and I’m a working mom – self employed sole practitioner physician. I’m really hoping to find like minded people with kids so my daughter can make friends. The pandemic has been very isolating for her, and I’m concerned that she’ll be excluded from her few local friends over our choice to decline the vaccine in the near future…

Also as a doctor doing integrative/anti-aging medicine and osteopathy, I’ve been so grateful for the science summaries Chris does exposing the conflicts of interest in the official narrative. So valuable. I’m hoping to find other people to form a like minded support system here, as it is becoming increasingly alarming to me how the climate of dangerous discrimination is growing around the vaccine issue – and everyone I know here is pretty well towing that line.

As an additional note, both my daughter and I have a Steiner school background, and I did a lot of time at Tom Brown’s Tracker school before I started my medical training, so I’d love to meet people who have any of those types of interest as well.



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    Norther Arizona Flagstaff Area

I do not live in AZ but also did Toms classes..I went the scout way in classes..Just saying hi.

Hi Mary! I did some scout classes too in early 2000s – good experience.


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