No future babies: Correlation between C-v jabs and equine sterilization program

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    No future babies: Correlation between C-v jabs and equine sterilization program

Saw the new proposed schedule for C-v jab boosters is every 9 months.  Seems like an odd schedule of dosing until you read this article sent by a scientist friend:

An odd correlation has been made between the sterilization process of wild horses and the COVID-19 vaccine. The porcine zona pellucida (PZP) vaccination is intended to curb the wild horse population by producing antibodies that prevent mares from producing fertile eggs. The vaccination effects are not immediate but rather it is distributed over the course of 2-6 weeks, similar to the COVID vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer, with subsequent booster shots. The PZP vaccine is administered:

“The vaccine stimulates the target animal to produce antibodies, which attach to its own ZP, thus blocking fertilization and causing contraception. The PZP vaccine is usually given, initially, in a series of 2 vaccinations 2-6 weeks apart and then a booster every 8 months to a year, depending on the species. The PZP is emulsified with an adjuvant to stimulate the animal’s immune system.”

Coincidentally, Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla is a trained veterinarian. If this were true, it would be gaslighting at its finest considering they dubbed ivermectin as a horse medication. Of course, this could simply be a conspiracy, but it does correlate with Gates’ wishes to reduce the world population, and I cannot think of another vaccine that requires ongoing boosters for the same virus.


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    No future babies: Correlation between C-v jabs and equine sterilization program

9 months makes a lot of sense in this regard. I think personally they will try to get it down to 3 months as variants emerge at a faster rate, and there will be such a violent fear push, plus possible real dangers with mutated strains, that a certain ratio will bite the bullet.

The mRNA tech was designed to be effective in altering a sequence to make vaccines quickly. In theory, they could pump out new vaccines or supply boosters every 3 months, nudging us with extremely totalitarian coercive measures and botched 3 month speed trials.

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