Nitric Oxide a natural antiviral

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    Nitric Oxide a natural antiviral

Hi All

I am highly allergic and search high and low looking for natural remedies to support my health that I may not react to. I even react to anti-histamine Zyrtec given to me by my specialist Allergist, apparently claiming the title of his only patient to be soooooo sensitive. Therefore, I am excited to share how humming at certain hertz 3 times a day uses Nitric oxide (NO) is a anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as anti-viral. NO is also stored in the sinuses as an antiviral and can be used as a natural nasal spray. NO Dr Van Dyken from Maui has plenty of YT videos on natural medicine, here is just one

You can also increase NO (nitric oxide) to support your health by eating spinach, beets, kale and leafy greens (depending where it is grown, levels of NO can differ) see this video to explain

Regain your health

As I am so reactive to many foods I research to find powerpacked ones to help build my immune system and this year I have introduced alot of auyavedic foods and asian ones including Moringa; Guduchi and Lion’s Mane

Please read and listen to the material and take notice of side effects when listed. Be safe even with natural medicines.

Many blessings



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    Nitric Oxide a natural antiviral


Looks like you have found lots of good nutritional information.

In the future it would be helpful to put it all in one thread.



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