Niacin: NAD+, Histamine, Inflammation, Serotonin, and COVID

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    Niacin: NAD+, Histamine, Inflammation, Serotonin, and COVID

Thank you sooo much Dave! I’m absolutely willing to experiment on myself – slowly making the changes and documenting as I go, like you said. I’ll check out the website later.

I completely agree with a more natural approach-ie., honey for allergies, in wounds and bee venom therapy. Sounds crazy but results are amazing!

are you going to be at polyface this weekend?

thanks again!!

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    propolis, etc

I cannot make it to the farm this time.  Hopefully next year.

I agree with you on the natural compounds.  Here’s a fun one I ran into this a while back:

Bee Propolis (!) for moderate-severe cases of COVID19.  A trial from Brazil.

Groups: control (n=42), 400mg (n=40), 800mg (n=42)
length of hospital stay: control: (12 days), 400 mg: (7 days), 800 mg(6 days).
need for ventilation: control: (19.5%)  400 mg (5.3%), 800 mg (7.3%)
acute kidney injury: control (23.8%), 400 mg (12.5%), 800 mg (4.8%).

And niacinamide (1g/day x 7 days) for hospitalized COVID19 patients who met criteria for kidney injury:

Niacinamide was associated with a lower risk of

RRT or death: (HR 0.64, 95% CI 0.40 to 1.00, p=0.05),
KDIGO stage 2/3 AKI:  (HR 0.29, 95% CI 0.13 to 0.65, p=0.03)
Total mortality: (HR 0.17, 95% CI 0.05-0.52 in KDIGO 2/3patients, p=0.002).

Translated – deaths cut – minimum – in half by niacinamide in the folks who qualified for “kidney injury” status.  (CI 0.05 – 0.52), with the midpoint at 83% reduction in total mortality.

That’s a pretty good outcome for 7 grams of niacinamide.  Cost: literally not even $1.


What if you combine propolis with niacinamide?  Mind = boggled.

There are so many hints out there of cheap stuff that works.  It gets no press.  Because nobody makes money.  “Big Propolis” (or “Big Niacinamide”) isn’t likely to move the needle over at FDA.

There seems to be a rule at FDA: never approve anything that’s cheap.

I use the various trials as templates for “dosing that might have an effect” on the situation I’m facing.  But I start lower, and see if there’s anything bad that happens, and raise it stepwise until I see an effect.  I also look for indications of what dosing is the upper limit.

For instance, Hoffer talks about giving schizophrenics 6000 mg of flush niacin per day.  And that Coronary Drug Project in the 60s gave people 3000 mg flush niacin for 6 years.   They ended up living longer.  This led me to believe that – say – 3000 mg – of flush niacin – was a reasonable upper limit.

But I did see reports that “sustained release” niacin did not behave the same way.  It caused trouble at that same dosage.  So no SR-niacin for me.

Just an example of how I puzzle these things out.

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    Methyl donors compiled

Great post davefairtex.

The primary methylation co-factor trimethylglycine/TMG/betaine can be found in supplements [often 1000mg/pill], quinoa [630mg/100g], spinach [577], wheat bran [360], lamb’s quarters [332], beetroot [256], beet juice (too high sugar though), and along with other natural methyl donors in goji berries, cruciferous vegetables (or maybe not?), carrots… Then there are other methyl donors like the supplements SAMe, choline, methylfolate, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), taurine, inositol… Also, L-glycine can support methylation indirectly by increasing creatine synthesis (and has a relaxing effect as it’s the brainstem’s inhibitory neurotransmitter though possibly counteracted by serving as a glutamate receptor co-agonist). TMG is the best one particularly in people with low stomach acid production as it usually comes as trimethylglycine hydrochloride.

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