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New products to improve the security of your doors

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  • Tue, Feb 16, 2016 - 03:52pm



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    New products to improve the security of your doors

Doors are the most common points of entry for burglars and home invaders.  The fact is that most doors are designed to keep honest people out and are easily breached with one to three good kicks.  Rarely are tools needed to kick open a door, and burglars rarely bring the necessary tools because of that.  If I could only do two things to prevent or deter a burglary they would be: 1) install a monitored alarm system, and 2) fortify all your doors.  Below is an article reviewing door security hardware meant to be installed by homeowners.  I cannot vouch for the quality of these products, but I CAN say they are exactly the kind of fixes needed to upgrade the average residential door from “a joke” to “very, very difficult to breach without skills and the proper tools.”  These products appear to me to be able to thwart 95% of all door attacks, causing the burglars to give up (most likely) or seek an alternative point of entry.


The company whose products are featured can be found linked in the article or you can link here:


Watch the videos depicting how easy it is to kick in a locked door and then peruse how the ingenius products dramatically raise the strength of a residential door at low cost and with easy installation.

The one product this company doesn’t offer is something to strengthen the hinge side of the door.  If you install these products on your doors, a (rare) skilled and determined burglar might turn his attention to the hinge side of the door.  I imagine this would only happen less than 5% of the time.  With the proper skills and strength/size, a door can be ripped off it’s hinges if the door knob side is too strong.  In fact, I watched a police officer/power lifter breach his own mother’s door in three attempts without tools.  Very impressive.  Splintered wood everywhere.  His mother had a “door club” on her door strengthening the door knob/deadbolt side of the door which her police officer son had given her to prevent burglaries and home invasions, but she had fallen and couldn’t get up.  She called her son to help her but he couldn’t break the door down from the door knob side.  Being highly motivated, he ripped the door down bare-handed without tools from the hinge side.  Other companies do offer products to strengthen the hinge side of the door if you’re interested in them.  


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    Thanks Tom – my door

Thanks for posting the info.

I can attest to the one good kick theory.  Back in 2009 I went away for the weekend and came back to find the door jamb and trim molding of my back door in splinters all over the rug.

That really messed with my mind.  Up until then I had considered my house to be a fortress and seeing how easily the door was kicked in upset my view of reality – sort of like when I first read the Crash Course.

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    Great.I am looking for strong

Great.I am looking for strong kind of doors for my garage.My garage has been targetted many times now want to protect it completely.

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    the ultimate door protection

I just found and bought the hardware for the original fox police lock. Everything but the security bar. This is the famous locking system that fits a stout metal bar from the door, down at 45 degrees, to a fitting in the floor. (as opposed to the more modern version of rotating cross bars that fit brackets on each side of the door frame).

I need installation instructions. I think I am in the best place to search for this information. Please ask around. I am considering bringing this locking system back from the dead. Will keep you informed.

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