new/ old hobbies

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    new/ old hobbies

When the outbreak started, I just retired.  Some of my plans are on hold: I was planning on moving from the Netherlands to NE Spain to become a hobby farmer, and buying  an ancient farm house in order to make it VERY nice. Hopefully next year or the year after!

Better not waste this time!  My daily chores take about 2 hrs. Keeping up with the events, some study, including the great lectures of Chris, another 2 hrs. Tending my garden (400 m in an allotment complex) another 3 hrs.  Nice social (distanced) contacts there: we discuss daily stuff, including the topics from Chris his lectures. Gardeners and farmers are usually quite intelligent and down to earth.

But many hours remain each day!  Perhaps that is normal for a transition to being a pensionado, but why not make the best of it?

Anyway, I took up my old photo hobby: experimental/scientific photography.

At the time I was into this, there was black and white IR photography, and I even modified a webcam to IR.  Later I had a digital camera modified, which unfortunately got stolen.

Nowadays very cheap action/ sports cams are available, not too hard to modify to full spectrum.  Nowadays IR photography is usually done in color, with a red- or orange filter or a special blue filter.  But I found out that ALL gel filters are IR transparant, and am making lots of discoveries every week doing landscape photography. Very healthy too making photo bike rides!

Infrared meadow in Holland

There is a lot of learning involved…




  • Sat, Jun 06, 2020 - 02:35am

    David Turin

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    new/ old hobbies

Looks like a lot of fun involved too, Rootman.  New gizmos and lighter weight gear since I first started too so I’ve been experimenting with clips that let me carry the camera on my hip or day pack strap making it much easier to grab the camera.  This means, of course, that I take way more photos than I used to on any given “expedition.”

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