NE blizzard

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  • Mon, Jan 26, 2015 - 11:35am



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    NE blizzard

Chris and others in the path of the blizzard.

Here’s yet another opportunity to test your resilience. Keep us posted.

Good luck.

  • Mon, Jan 26, 2015 - 11:26pm


    Chris Martenson

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    The Great (probably non-) Blizzard of 2015

[quote=Doug]Chris and others in the path of the blizzard. Here's yet another opportunity to test your resilience. Keep us posted. Good luck.[/quote]

Thanks Doug.

I am taking this storm seriously, as I always do, but I mentally cut the exaggerated potential snowfall totals in half, which is usually reasonable.

The automated message to my phone from the police chief this morning warned of 30 inches possible, so I am expecting 15 or fewer.

Still, I did the following (mostly because we tend to lose power during these storms):

  • Filled all potable water jugs, but also including five gallon buckets, and (after tonight's shower) the bathtub for extra water for flushing and cleaning.
  • Went shopping and bought paper plates and cups (to limit washing duties), topped off the essentials, and some fun things to keep us all happy and interested during an awesome storm.
  • Filled 3 five gallon gas cans in case generator time is called for, and topped off the cars.  I may not use the gas, but I'll probably know someone who will, and if not it will be poured into one of our vehicles as soon as possible.
  • Charged all of our electronics and all of our rechargeable batteries (brand = Imedion, the only ones I use), and made sure all of our flash lights were functioning with fresh batteries.
  •  Brought a huge amount of wood to the front porch from the wood shed under the principle that when there's more than a foot of snow on the ground that's a much harder task.  So we loaded up enough to both get us through the storm and the eventual melting/settling/thawing period.  
  • Bought extra chicken feed because we were low and it was time anyways, and then Pulled back their hawk netting sop it did not get dragged down and buried.

the last item is the most important.  I take my kids skiing at Mt Snow in VT and the kids are great skiers.  I have one promise to them…when there's a major dump we get up an ski the next day if we can…so I already bought tickets on line for Wednesday and circumstances permitting, we'll go hit the powder.

In my entire life I have only managed to hit the powder after a nor'easter three times and each time it was one of the more memorable, unforgettable and magic moments of my life.  While we can still ride chair lifts, I'll do that because skiing is really one of the more sensual joys of life.  It's pure magic once you get past the learning curve.

Me?  I am good enough that I ski fast, rarely fall, and often slip into a place of pure joy where I tip forward far enough to lose any visuals of my skis, and imagine I am flying effortlessly like I do sometimes in special dreams, and just float down the mountain.

In short, I love a good blizzard!



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