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Naked woman/distraction burglary

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    Naked woman/distraction burglary

At first, I was going to do something I almost never do and grant these burglars a star for being original. Then I came to my senses and realized that this is an age-old crime (distraction burglary).  However, within that well-known category of crime, I have to give the perps a star for creativity.

Here's the basic story: a man and woman are working together to burglarize a 54 year old man's home while he's present at the home. The woman, who lives nearby, asks the resident if she can swim in his pool and the resident agrees. He takes her to the pool where she asks if he minds if she swims naked. No, he doesn't mind! Go figure.  And he stands by to watch and make sure she doesn't drown. While this is going on the male perp has quietly walked into the unlocked house. If the resident had an alarm it would be turned off since he is home, and coming and going to the pool. The male perp makes off with thousands of dollars in cash and valuables, the woman dries off, dresses and leaves. Later the resident discovers someone has stolen his stuff right from under his nose.

The only creative and new aspect of this crime is the naked woman swimming in the resident's pool while he watches.  Otherwise, crooks use distraction to get into occupied homes and steal valuables all the time. A criminal can do this alone but it's much easier with 2 or more working together. For instance, a criminal posing as a water company employee knocks on a door and tells the resident (preferrably over 65 and naive) that there is a problem with the water at some of the homes in the neighborhood.  He asks the resident to help him check his house by going into the basement and running water full blast while watching the water meter.  The "employee" tells the resident he's going to turn on taps upstairs and heads back up the stairs.  The crook turns on a few taps quickly then rifles through the master bedroom stealing whatever he can find.  Another team approach would be to have two or three men survey a neighborhood and then knock on a door to offer their services for something they've seen wanting in the house (trees need trimmed, gutters cleaned, or roof repaired).  Two of the crooks take the resident on an outside tour of the  house and the work they're offering to do while one of their team sneaks into the house to steal whatever can be found and carried out in 3 – 5 minutes (which is generally a lot).

Google "distraction burglary" and you'll get helpful links like this:

Don't fall for this (or any of it's hundreds of variations)!

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    Naked distraction variant

My nieces' laptops and wallets were stolen by a very fit young man who slipped into their apartment in the middle of the night sans shirt. All my niece who awoke and saw him can remember about him is his skin color and that he was "really, really buff".  Eye color, pants color, shoes, voice, hair? Nope, doesn't remember any of those.


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