My two cents worth… Interest-Free money etc

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    My two cents worth… Interest-Free money etc

Hi everyone,

 Alternative Currencies:

I am glad to see a couple of mentions of alternative/complimentary/community
currencies mentioned within the threads, but wanted to make more of an issue of
it and highlight the issue again because i feel it is really important.


 Time-Bank, LETS (Local Exchange Trading System), or the depreciating
currency systems all have their pros and cons and need exploring.


I am a big exponent on LETS for the following 3 reasons:


1 – Interest Free. I think this is the most important reason. If debt is
slavery it is because of interest. Interest-free debt is a promise and does not
harm you for making it. LETS allow you to take interest-free debts from the
community based on your promise to work it off in the future through your
labour. If you are still unsure about the evils of interest-bearing debt watch
Money as debt:


2 – Community owned money supply – in fact it goes further, it completely anarchises
the money-supply. Each and every individual in the economy is able to create
money. LETS (and other systems) completely takes this power back from the
slave-drivers and places it squarely in our own hands.


3 – No Inflation – When every unit of currency is wedded to an equal measure
of labour then there is never too much money causing inflation and never too
little money causing deflation. There is only enough money to measure economic
activity. Prices may still change due to demand/supply issues but there is no
monetary-led inflation.


To learn more about LETS go here Please note I also
support other alternative currencies. In fact, a plurality of systems is feasible
and desirable.




Learn about organisational structures of both economy and society, big
groups and small groups.


Some useful things:


– Participatory Economics:-  (ParEcon) Life after capitalism. Think about what we base our
social movements on because this is what they are going to create when they
‘succeed’. We need to base our social movements on equity, diversity,
self-management, participatory decision making, and just reward for effort,
including horizontal management structures. As Micheal Albert says, the reasons
why social movements fail is because they reproduce the hierarchical structures
of society in their make-up, so even if they do succeed all they do is
instigate a new hierarchy and we find that nothing has changed at all. (Like Animal Farm)


Sociocracy – blends well with ParEcon – where Parecon thinks about the
economy, Sociocracy thinks about society

Formal consensus: – a way of reaching agreement in group situations allowing
everyone’s voice to be heard and a mechanism for moving forward on decisions.


Recycle If you don’t know about freecycle yet, check it out and
join your local group. the best way to find what you need without paying for it
or wasting resources to get it.


Let me add it here, even if it might be obvious, but COMPOST everything you
can. Even if you don’t have a garden, compost and grow things in pots in your
house, on your balcony, wherever, someone mentioned guerilla gardening.
Absolutely, plant edible stuff everywhere, but start close to you house. Learn
how to grow food.




For those who are inclined, the Simultaneous Policy proposes a useful
solution to global problems with voter-led policy formation, check out there is a forum here which has much interesting policy
discussion. Any adopter of Simpol can propose policies for consideration by the
whole membership and the membership puts pressure on politicians to sign up for
Simpol also.



And finally,


 Love life and live it with love. Check out
and join up to Freeconomy. Help create real community in your community with
this useful internet tool and helpful "philosofree". Good for the
hug-loving hippy and the penny-pinching economist alike. the main premise is to
help the transition from a money-based community-less society to a
community-based money-less society. Whether you’re a tree-hugger or not, the
money-less society may be on its way and if and when it gets here we’d all be
better off with a bit of community.A bit like a simple LETS without points. based on trading skills and learning new skills, but includes so much more.

Freeconomy may be just what we are looking for.


Thanks for reading my two cents worth.






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