My preparation

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  • Sun, Feb 23, 2020 - 01:57am

    Steve UK

    Steve UK

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    My preparation

Hi everyone.

I’m new here so thought I’d give a little insight to my plans any advice is welcome.

After my growing concerns, closely following the peak prosperity YouTube updates among other update videos, I have decided to start taking action and preparing for the probability of things getting bad.


My plan is to spend my savings on securing my home and garden with a wall all the way around (I’m a builder so I’ll only have to spend money on materials. I will start growing vegetables and stocking up on food and medicine.  I am also considering getting some solar panels and a battery storage unit installed. If anyone has any info whether this is worth it or not please let me know.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for now while I read through the forum.

Chat soon!

  • Sun, Feb 23, 2020 - 09:51am

    Zana Hart

    Zana Hart

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    Reply To: My preparation

You can pick up a lot of ideas for what to get from reading through the threads. My projects for today are

  • making a better organized list of such items
  • cleaning out all our bathroom shelves and seeing what we need more of
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    re: Reply To: My preparation

That’s a good idea…I go through all my cabinets atleast once a year.  It gives you a better idea of what you use on a regular basis rather waste your money on things you don’t use.

  • Mon, Feb 24, 2020 - 09:34am



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    Just did a reduce contamination dry run

I had to go to an emergency clinic today and I thought what a good excuse to test decontamination.
Had to fill out the standard, useless COVID screening form, but at least they have me on the list to notify if they find an active case has been there in the last few days.  Oh, Oh.  I could also find myself locked up for weeks without adequate testing, perhaps for nothing.

I decided to wear gloves for the first time.  I simply mentioned my dad had health issues and the nurse gave me replacement pairs, too when I needed to take them off.  It allows them to maintain the polite fiction that I “might” be protecting against flu and other respiratory viruses.

I thought to hang my coat on the hook with the outside toward the hook and wall.

It was a personal eye opener regarding contamination and how much you touch.  Cleaned my car door handles before I left and then took off gloves before I opened up.  AND THEN noticed that I had closed the back door with the edge, not the handle and pulled the front door closed with the inside handle.

Noticed my shoes and my wallet.
Next time I’ll dig out the cards/ID and put it in a pocket so I don’t have to reach into the wallet.  I think I need to look at some of my ID’s to see if anything is NOT laminated.
I always leave my shoes just inside the door, but now the floor is contaminated and if it’s cold, I leave indoor shoes in the same area as I change for outside.  I have a pair of plastic waterproof boots I use for the garden because I can just hose them off.  Thinking I could wear those or wear a pair of old-fashioned rubber/plastic rain boots over my indoor shoes.
Noticed I set bags and wallet on the kitchen table – oops.  Noticed I handle my keys without cleaning my hands.  Noticed how many door handles in and out of my building.

Chris and Adam have it right.  Practice the anti-contamination routines everytime you leave home.  Become aware.

  • Mon, Feb 24, 2020 - 11:54am



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    Prep shopping

Barbara, you have it right.  We need to keep tract of how we touch everything as we use our car, shop in stores and bring things home — even now.

Hopefully, everyone is doing a topping off of supplies for whatever length of time they anticipate being in semi-or-complete lockdown.

Right now it seems like the length of time is an educated guessing game.  Two months, three months, six months, longer?  Will there be a lull in the pandemic for a while and then will it pick up speed again?  Lots of unknowns, so we do the best we individually can.  We shop, we order, we store.

You can bet that the big box stores’ corporate managers are keeping an eye on things too.  I was in Walmart last week and a worker was emptying multiple big boxes of large storage tubs.  She said to me, “I don’t know why they ordered all these things!”  From what I’ve seen, the stores usually stock them after Christmas when people start re-organizing their homes from all the clutter, not in February.  It made me wonder what Walmart was planning for….

At the grocery store, the woman in front of me had dozens of cans of cat food, nothing else.  I wonder if she was prepping.  I really haven’t seen anyone else appear to be ‘stocking up’ though.  And no one seems to notice if I load up my cart with multiples of items like I’ve been doing for the past 4 weeks.  But I bet the charge card companies are analyzing data and feeding it to corporate marketing offices that pay for those services that track what people are buying.





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    re: Reply To: My preparation

Herbs and Gladyses
Please remember that the rule with herbs is to start slowly, with one or two new ones. Check out your reactions. Write them down. Elderberries don’t need sugar or honey to work. Sweeteners just make the medicine go down better. But you do need to keep it in the fridge. Maybe instead of worrying about which B vitamin to take in what amount–take a B-complex. Make some magnesium cream with magnesium chloride and coconut oil to help with the muscle cramps you will get from all this stress and the sore calves from walking the floor.  Eat some cheese to help with the diarrhea you’ll probably have from the mega doses of vitamin C. A nebulizer with saline will loosen mucus and the effects last for some time. Putting very hot, close to boiling water in a bowl and holding your head over the steam , not close enough to burn!, with a towel to keep the heat in will work just fine and will be a lot less expensive. Put some herbs or oils in it to have additional help. Our good friend The Google is a great place to look for ideas……..realizing, of course, that everything on the internet is not Simon Pure Truth. Mullein, eucalyptus, tea tree are good.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: use that uncommon thing–common sense.

My preps are just more of what I have done for years. Can soups, chilis, stews, etc. for instant meals. Can meats. Can several varieties of dry beans so you don’t have to think about them several hours ahead of dinner. Have a good variety of herbs and spices on hand. There are thousands of ways to eat beans, rice, cornbread, tortillas, etc.(no wheat in my house, I have celiac). All these foods can be dehydrated as well and take up a lot less space.

Get a library card and download books onto your e-reader or your computer. Use your time being a hermit as an opportunity to gather new knowledge. Play cards. Go to and get a pack of permaculture playing cards and expand your knowledge of gardening plus.

And, finally, if you want to find some elderberry bushes and pick your own next summer–elder berries Do Not have Thorns. That is a look alike that makes one throw up. Or worse.

I posted this, by accident and inattention to detail, on the suicide thread. Thought it would fit here better. LOL

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