My Health Journey, and what i’ve learned

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    My Health Journey, and what i’ve learned

This is something I have thought about posting since I first saw the prophylactic thread, and I am really hoping it will help some to start working on overall health as opposed to COVID specific.


TLDR: Trying to save anyone I can 10 or more years of wandering, trying to thrive health wise.  My suggestion, find yourself a Functional Medicine practioner or someone along those lines and determine exactly what the state of your health is and how to remediate that, specific for you.



I grew up on an Orchard/Vineyard in Clark County, WA.  I had access to fresh organic home grown fruit and vegetables all my life, and took it for granted!  peaches, pears, ginseng, hardy kiwi, blue berries, raspberries, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, the list goes on.  As a grown up looking back, I cannot believe what I choose to eat and consume and that my parents allowed.

My brother was the first to start LAN parties, VLAN (Vancouver LAN) started in the mid 90’s at our house.  With that, fast food pizza, a second refrigerator stoked with soda of all sorts and other sugar filled beverages, and any sort of candy/junk food you could imagine was always available.  Filling the house every weekend with up to 18 teenagers and early 20 somethings took a toll on my health that I wouldn’t fully realize for another 6-7 years from when it started.

Despite the excess of all things you should never fill your body with, between track, long distance running, working at the orchard regularly I was somehow able to keep a slim (yet very sick) physic.  When I turned 17, I learned in a horrific event for a teenager what IBS was.  2 years later Acid Reflux Disease was piled on top of that.  A year after that I would frequently experience debilitating heart burn, heart burn that would send me to the ground in the fetal position, feeling like my heart was being crushed by a car.  Years after that, visiting numerous specialists and only ever having acid reducers prescribed to me and going from ~155lbs to over 200lbs I was exhausted.

Taking Control:

I don’t know what took me so long to do this, it may have been that both of my parents were in the medical field for their entire lives, father doing anything around radiation, between xray, MRI, breaking up gallstones, and so on, and my mother being a night charge nurse in one of the leading trauma centers on the west coast, I would have thought with their clout and contacts, the right thing would have been done right by me.

It wasn’t until my current girlfriends (at the time) mom developed cancer and I was doing everything I could think of to help her, and that is when I learned about juice / smoothie fasting.  Knowing that the medical complex at the point did nothing for me, I didn’t even bother consulting anyone (which can be devastating for some, I do not recommend this) I quit my current diet cold turkey and replaced nearly every meal with fruit/vegetable juicing.  Between that and hiking every major peak in the WA / OR Gorge (200+ miles) in a year, a few things happened.

  1. I was back down to ~160 lbs
  2. Heart burn subsided, still occurred but was significantly better.
  3. Acid Reflux disappeared
  4. IBS disappeared

But,I still didn’t FEEL healthy.

I Discover Supplementation:

I am going to keep this part short because I want to stress the next.

Shortly after I met my wife, her mother introduced me to supplementation.  Knowing (feeling like I knew at least) that I couldn’t trust anyone tied to a hospital with my health, I started digging in and found the site I love to quote the most “DoctorYourself”.  From there I could go down rabbit holes of all sorts and started self medicating with supplements.  This was life changing, honestly, though, again, doing this without consulting a professional, I know now is not advised, and will get to that farther down.

I simply stopped getting sick, or what an average person would associate with being sick.  Telling people I had a cold for 2 maybe 3 days, instead of a week or more, or at what at one point I swore was my wife and I getting the flu, but it lasted only 2-3 days.  Of course no one I knew would believe me, except for a few that I convinced to, the next time they were ill to load up on what seems like an absolutely crazy amount of Vitamin C, and to take a good amount of Zinc.  The handful that have humored me are changed forever.

Example, a coworker of mine, who is generally a strict mainstream follower was with me at a conference.  We were there for 1 week.  The second day we were there he came down with a really bad cold.  I insisted that if he wanted to not waste this trip, to load up on supplements.  He said F’ it and did what I instructed.  within 24 hours he was attending sessions, and 48 hours later he was well enough to state he was sure he was over it.

That Extra Inch:

Overall, I knew at this point I was in a far better situation that I was before, but I still didn’t feel like I was thriving.  I would read studies and outcomes that seemed miraculous for some, and through all I have learned and how far I have come, I never felt that.  Sure I overcame IBS, Acid Reflux and some chronic heart burn, but I still felt like something was missing.

I started to think that, ok, I need some help figuring this out.  But, if I do not trust hospitals and specialists attached to that, what do I do?  Then I had a child.

Having a child changed my drive and my perspective a bit.  Along with now wanting to make sure I live for as long as possible to help this child through life and to experience it with them, I picked up and read 12-15 books between my wifes positive test and my daughter being born.  Child psychology, nutrition, education, and vaccination were my main topics.  I interviewed every pediatrician in the area until I found one that I could trust, someone that would look out for my child nearly as much as I would (Dr. Paul Thomas for those in the Portland area).

Once I found this person, they rekindled my faith that there must be people out there that could really help me.  So, long story shorter, I discovered Functional Medicine.  This discovery lead me to 1. of course, look for a quick fix and 2. Someone to help me verify this “quick fix”.

****I am not advertising this solution, it is just the solution I ended up using and others probably work with the same efficacy****

Viome:  Online service that seems too good to be true, and honestly, it still might be.  My wife and I took the tests and sent them in, and what we got back shocked me at first.  Honestly, I felt like everything I had done up to this point was a waste of time, despite what I had already overcome.  My wife, who I cant get to drink fruit/veggy smoothies, or consistently take any type of supplement had a much better outcome than myself, a devout in this topic.  But then, after some reflection, I remembered that our childhoods were significantly different (she grew up on a very strict healthy diet).  Considering how I had treated my body for 2 1/2 decades, and essentially winging it since then, what did I expect?

Well, I signed up for their subscription supplement and pre/probiotic. Honestly, I did everything I could to price out what they had suggested (even had a 25% discount with Wellevate) and between the number of individual supplements, price and time required putting it all together and maintaining that, it is worth it to just let them put together a kit where you take a single packet or piles and a packet of pre/probiotics a day.  It is important to note, that, though the things they have suggested for me are good, and line up with the requirements suggested by other tests I have taken, it has not added things like Magnesium or Manganese for me which I plan to contact them about.

An important note about this service, the information they provide you is very helpful, though, it is high level and hides just enough information to keep you from really understanding what is going on, which, makes sense, they are a business and so they need to keep some of that information to themselves to keep you on the hook.  They do a great job explaining how each supplement and “biotic” helps with your scores, along with foods you should eat more of and avoid and why, but as far as the results themselves, they are not in-depth.


Functional Medicine Practitioner:  There was still a shadow of doubt in my mind around the outcome of my Viome results and their suggestions, (even though I had already bought into it), and I knew I wanted someone local I could rely on anyways, so I found myself someone that I could trust and could also help me verify these findings.

After my initial orientation, and explaining everything I have here to them, they ordered me a full nutrition panel (Genova NutrEval is what they choose for my specific scenario, again, there are several options out there).

The outcome?  We were able to combine the results from Viome and NutrEval and come up with some results that could get me to thriving.

Turns out, despite my best efforts, supplementation and diet, I simply was not absorbing some nutrients as efficiently as I should be.  Hence why I never had the miraculous outcome I was searching for.  The cause? Dysbiosis in relation to Secretory IgA (sIgA) being low.  Because of this, despite most things being in an exceptional state, there were some that were simply in critical condition.  Things like Magnesium, Manganese, Omega 3’s, copper and the diversity in my Microbiome were all in terrible shape.  You may think “that is just 5 specific things, cant be that bad”.  Well, something the NutrEval and tests like it can show you, is exactly where a process in your body breaks down.  If you are missing something at the beginning of a process, then the whole things is going to break down.

Once Dysbiosis was detected from these two solutions, a 3 day stole test was ordered for me and that is what revealed the Secretory IgA and a dysbiosis related to Bacillus cereus.

It has only been a few months since I have pivoted my supplementation and diet and I have already noticed difference in my health.

I’ve experienced:

  • More energy
  • I can go a full day (with two toddlers) without feeling like I need a nap or second wind
  • Wake up easier in the morning
  • Go to sleep faster at night and uninterrupted sleep
  • Consistent, healthy bowel movements
  • Noticeably improved alertness and focus
  • My Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms has started clearing up
  • Cravings for certain foods has subsided


Even though my health has been taken to another level, I know it will still take a lot more time to try and undue (if possible) the damage done in the early parts of my life.

I hope this helps some, and I want to also promote the prophylactic thread, though I believe what would be most beneficial overall is to get yourself evaluated.



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    My Health Journey. Functional Medicine

Great Story Kevin.

I have an appointment with a local functional medicine doctor here in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Getting more excited about it after your report.

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    My Health Journey, and what i’ve learned

Sent you a PM, very interesting.

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    My Health Journey, and what i’ve learned

Thanks for sharing. I developed Long Covid symptoms after a presumed Covid illness in Spring 2020. A year into my healing journey I started seeing a functional medicine doctor who has been wonderful. I too took the NutrEval (or Metabolomix+) test from Genova Diagnostics.  My doctor has really helped me too. I recommend that route to people experiencing mysterious symptoms that conventional doctors are not very helpful with.

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    My Health Journey, and what i’ve learned

For anyone interested in seeing what type of data these tests provide, let me know and I can email you a copy of mine that has my personal (well, it is all personal, but wouldn’t have my identifiable information) redacted.

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    Liposomal Vitamin C, What it is, Why you need it, and how to make it.

There are plenty of videos. I chose this one.

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