Must read article on the politicization of HCQ

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    Must read article on the politicization of HCQ

This a must-read from Norman Doidge: “We live in a culture that has uncritically accepted that every domain of life is political, and that even things we think are not political are so, that all human enterprises are merely power struggles, that even the idea of ‘truth’ is a fantasy, and really a matter of imposing one’s view on others. For a while, some held out hope that science remained an exception to this. That scientists would not bring their personal political biases into their science, and they would not be mobbed if what they said was unwelcome to one faction or another. But the sordid 2020 drama of hydroxychloroquine—which saw scientists routinely attacked for critically evaluating evidence and coming to politically inconvenient conclusions—has, for many, killed those hopes.”

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    Must read article on the politicization of HCQ


I’ve been disgusted by this debacle for months. I lost the remaining 0.3% of trust in the MSM after the public character assassination  Dr. Immanuel from Texas.

I think overtly mocking someone’s religious beliefs to discredit their scientific (whether or not RCT) observations is beyond measure. After all, I thought that was non-sequitur among the ‘enlightened’. Besides, I bet there’s cultures in the world that think we’re nuts for believing in things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and MMT.

Yes, her approach may have been ripe for satire but her clinical observations were very much in accord with thousands of Dr’s WORLDWIDE. I believe she was speaking so passionately because, well, how could you not?…


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    i liked it

I thought the article was well written.

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    How can science be trusted going forward?

What value does this article have? It is about how science can be corrupted, and how science can be used honestly….Also why RCT’s are not necessarily the “Gold Standard”.

”So this story is twofold. It’s about the discussion that unfolded (and is still unfolding) around hydroxychloroquine, but if you’re here for a definitive answer to a narrow question about one specific drug (“does hydroxychloroquine work?”), you will be disappointed. Because what our tale is really concerned with is the perilous state of vulnerability of our scientific discourse, models, and institutions—which is arguably a much bigger, and more urgent problem, since there are other drugs that must be tested for safety and effectiveness (most complex illnesses like COVID-19 often require a group of medications) as well as vaccines, which would be slated to be given to billions of people. “This misbegotten episode regarding hydroxychloroquine will be studied by sociologists of medicine as a classic example of how extra-scientific factors overrode clear-cut medical evidence,” Yale professor of epidemiology Harvey A. Risch recently argued. Why not start studying it now?”

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    Reply To: Must read article on the politicization of HCQ

I do not think you are going to be paid anything for publishing or spreading this breech. You have to decide what to do with it but this information will not bring much harm to the company. It is obvious as you have been clearly advised of it. I am from the UK PostcodeFinder, and where are you from? Even if you spent time working on it, this time looks to be simply wasted.

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