Multi Family investment

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    Multi Family investment


Hi all.  My wife and I are planning to move to Seattle/Tacoma area
some times in the near future.  We are just too tired of Midwest's
long and harsh cold winters, and want to be closer to my family.  Now I
am contemplating on a Multi family unit; a 4-unit type where I live in one
and rent the rest.  However, and as this may sound like a prudent move
in my part, but I can't help it but to have cold feet considering our
ever flooded economy with cheap money, for one.  Two, nation-wide home
values are up because banks are manipulating the inventory.  And three,
we are experiancing another bubble as i type.  So What do you think
and/or advice me to do?  Am I a little too late in to the game or is
multi family option still stands out in our current unpredictable economy?
 Thank you in advance all!
p.s: My plan is to go FHA with as little down payment as I can ( first
time home buyer).  I am looking at a price range between $250k-$350k.
Getting the loan isn't an issue here, already qualified.
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