Mohammed To The Rescue Again: Melatonin

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    Mohammed To The Rescue Again: Melatonin

New paper (h/t Covid19 Crusher) out of Iraq.   The irony of Western Civ being saved – again! – by yet another Dr Mohammed – is almost overwhelming at this point.  If not for the third world, we in the West would literally be languishing in the world of No Treatments For You – consigned there by our Overlords installed by Pharma at the sociopathic NIH.

Seriously.  Thank you, Dr. Mohammed Qasim Yahya Mal Allah AlAtrakji.

Summary for busy executives: melatonin (10 mg/day) appears to reduce death-in-hospital risk by about 86%.

The Effect of Melatonin on Thrombosis, Sepsis and Mortality Rate in COVID-19 Patients

RCT: 10 mg MLT/day (n=158)

sepsis by day 11: MLT group: 2 (2.4%) vs control 8 (10.5%) (p=0.05)
sepsis by day 17: MLT group: 7 (8.5%) vs control 27 (35.5%) (p=0.000)
mortality: MLT group: 1 (1.2%) vs control 14 (8.9%) (p=0.001)

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    Mohammed To The Rescue Again: Melatonin

He has provided a mountain of evidence!

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    Mohammed To The Rescue Again: Melatonin

If Mohammed will not go to the mountain of evidence, the mountain of evidence will go to Mohammed!

  • Thu, Oct 14, 2021 - 02:36pm

    Andy in the Sun

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Well… that reminds me on Dr Dimitri Kats’s Niatonin (Niacin+Melatonin) protocol which is already out for a few month.

  • Thu, Oct 14, 2021 - 04:01pm


    Jim H

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    Not for nutt’in.. but we have known this for at least one year..

The 10 mg dosing efficacy is nice to know.  From below… 87% better, or 0.13 Hazard ratio.

Melatonin is significantly associated with survival of intubated COVID-19 patients

Results Among the 189,987 patients, we identified 948 intubation periods across 791 patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 or infected with SARS-CoV2 and 3,497 intubation periods across 2,981 patients who were not. Melatonin exposure after intubation was statistically associated with a positive outcome in COVID-19 (demographics and comorbidities adjusted HR: 0.131, 95% CI: 7.76E-02 – 0.223, p-value = 8.19E-14) and non-COVID-19 (demographics and comorbidities adjusted HR: 0.278, 95% CI: 0.142 – 0.542, p-value = 1.72E-04) intubated patients. Additionally, melatonin exposure after intubation was statically associated with a positive outcome in COVID-19 patients (demographics and comorbidities adjusted HR: 0.127, 95% CI: 6.01E-02 – 0.269, p-value = 7.15E-08).

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