mRNA for cancer among other diseases

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  • Mon, Apr 05, 2021 - 09:16am



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    mRNA for cancer among other diseases

What do you guys think of this?  Doesn’t this kinda support what they are doing for Covid?

  • Mon, Apr 05, 2021 - 09:56am


    Jim H

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    Yes and No

Using mRNA to train your immune system to attack something is technically, biochemically, biologically elegant.  It attests to capability of human intelligence to build and multiply knowledge.  Atomic bombs also attest to our ability to manipulate nature when you get down to the science of it.  The question is;  Do we know how to wield these things safely and effectively?

Cancer is a completely different risk vs reward situation vs. Covid-19.  For many cancers, if you don’t treat or otherwise find practices like radical dietary change that can help turn around the course of the disease, the chances it will kill you are high.  For cancer, accepting the still unknown long term side effects would be a reasonable choice for most – I would certainly be willing to try it if I had, for instance, advanced pancreatic cancer.

But for Covid-19?  For the entire population, including those with 0.001% chance of dying (disregarding even the role of therapeutics and supplements) because their youthful, innate immunity is so strong?  You gotta be kidding.

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    mRNA for cancer among other diseases

Hi, Jim H, don’t tell anyone, but I am in love with your mind 🐱

I find it interesting, since the bioweapon was made in China, I never read of a treatment plan using oriental medicine.  Chinese medicine uses many anti viral herbs and formulas, specific to the individual and the stage of the disease.  It also has a tradition of visualizing the prognosis, with an emphasis on catching an imbalance early.

If surgery, slash and burn techniques, or big technology, as for cancer, must be resorted to, this is considered to be a failure on the part of the internal medicine doctor, who should have caught and cured the disease early on.

Of course, in the USof Pharmacy, one cannot claim that cheap herbs in a smartly concocted formula can cure cancer. No, no…

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    mRNA for cancer among other diseases

This Ted Talk is well worth a watch. Thanks Thesecuritygirl!

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    mRNA for cancer among other diseases

It was difficult to get mRNA into a cell, and mRNA caused severe inflammation and was quickly degraded by the body.

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