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Most Practical Concealed Carry

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  • Wed, Jun 18, 2014 - 02:22am



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    New Favorite Holster

New Favorite Holster

I am still experimenting with the concealed carry skills. 

I was having trouble removing the pistol from my leather holsters, finding that it would occasionally get stuck.  Repeated stretching of the leather still wasn't effective.

I have tried and really like a new holster made of molded hard plastic called Kydex.  It is worn outside the waistband on a sturdy leather belt.  It is made by Hazmat Holster Works for $75.

The gun "clicks" into the molded holster with a slight snap, and comes out easily with the same snap.  So we have the combination of 1) secure retention, 2) easy removal, 3) a design that holds the pistol close to the body and 4) comfortable — a combination that can be elusive.  

A short 2 minute video is on this page showing its use.

Though the outside-the-waistband holster is less concealable in theory, I have found that it seems to work well none the less.  It allows my belt to snug down over the iliac crest bones of the pelvis and I no longer require suspenders to carry the additional weight of the gun — something I was previously needing with my inside the waistband holster.  Also, I don't need an undershirt to make an inside the waistband holster comfortable.  For hot weather, these both are very helpful.

I got one in (brown) khaki and one in black so that the holster approximates the color of the pants I'm wearing.

Then I cover the whole thing with a long square bottomed shirt, that is a bit loose.  I found several companies and styles at the sporting goods shop intended for outdoor wear in hot climates.  Elements that make a shirt conceal well: Dark colors, a pattern (rather than solid), textured, and long.

Other shirts that work well: this or this.

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