Modeling and hypothesis of PCR

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    Modeling and hypothesis of PCR

The issues surrounding PCR tests are not at the top of problem mountain, they have a partner that has slightly more market share in the spoils or resulting dissonance- that 1st place prize goes to Modeling. PCR is has 1 foot on the same podium.

Modeling is only is as good as its data points. Once these data are entered, the results of the model can be confirmed or refuted based on observed outcomes.

Modeling can no more confirm an hypothesis than it can confirm that an data entered along any of its successive data entry fields was erroneous due to intentional malfeasance or simple human error.


‘Let’s Get Real About Coronavirus Tests
There aren’t enough. Many are shoddy. Most aren’t even designed to tell us what we really want to know.’

The video shows us a detailed look at the nature of what is involved in PCR testing. Most of us would rather diffuse an explosive with 10 minutes on the timer than imagine having to factor al that is required for this test. The weakest part of the PCR test is the operator. The precision of what the test can provide is a not even an ending but more likened to a 20 sided die from Dungeons & Dragons that can potentially provide one advantage for a single toss on a monopoly board, and GO is 13 + squares away, it might even save the day.

The cycling frequency used in the PCR testing ; if you’re sifting gravel in the pursuit of sand, you adjust the screening closer and closer in search of a net yield sufficient in hand. Failing that your screen gets tighter again, however, there are other substrates of similar size, but when the gleam of silica is their eyes? There’s your false positive.

The PCR labs, testing and then failing to corroborate the hypothesis ? Their training already assumes it’s likely their ERROR and as such, are no doubt, compelled to do it again! IT IS THE PERFECT DECEPTION. Embedded deep in their labs.. away from cameras..
and the W.H.O. our segue to World Government, just three days ago, publishes the following statement on their website.
3 days ago — Users of IVDs must read and follow the IFU carefully to determine if manual adjustment of the PCR positivity threshold is recommended by the..

For anyone who, adding 2 & 2, with the thought of reaching 4? Well, where’s the fun in a smoking gun when you explore so much more?

Speak English Doc. I’m not a scientist.!

Okay.. your boy.. was halved.. that is to say, the sword his brother swung accidentally cut him in half.

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