Micheal Hohne—Thank You!!!

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  • Mon, Dec 15, 2008 - 08:56pm

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    Micheal Hohne—Thank You!!!

I’ve had my say as to how I feel re: the developments of this site the past few months—- see.. the forum I started "My 2 Cents……….."

but with all the "energy" being released on this site….something very simple has been missed….from most here ( not all )

To Micheal Hohne:  A sincere "Thank You" from me to you!!!!

and I guess a request that you don’t regret your donation….as…..as you see, this REALLY is a progress in work…but that does NOT change the message–the VISION….and hopefully not the values Chris has established and I expect will maintain…!!!

We as a site should be disappointed in ourselves….Michael has given what Chris has lived for  for years fuel…now I’ve bashed Erik enough..and really hope he’s learning along the way…and has values in line with Chris….but lets give 3 cheers where its deserved and pat on the back when they earn it…!   And Michael has and does!!!!  And I’m sure Erik would do things a little different if he had a replay.

Did you ever say to your wife or child…"can we just start this over like it never happened…?"

Soooo…lets just start this over—short and simply—-Michael—"Thank You!"…and I would also like to apologize for the route this has taken.



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