MH17: Will we ever know the truth?

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    MH17: Will we ever know the truth?

MH17: Will we ever know the truth?
By Dan Fournier, July 28, 2014

As lies and propaganda weave their way through the global mainstream media on an hourly basis, the truth about what really happened to flight MH17 becomes blurrier and blurrier. Unfortunately and regrettably, this tragedy has become a geopolitical issue. Therefore, it is worth taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, namely the suspects involved and the facts that we know. Firstly though, we must not forget about the souls who were onboard that fateful flight.

The Victims

The flight had 298 souls onboard (283 passengers and 15 crew members). The majority of them were from the Netherlands (193) with Malaysians (43 including all 15 crew and 2 infants) comprising the second largest group of victims.


The Backdrop

Before examining the facts, one has to take a step back and look at the overall situation of what has been happening in the Ukraine in the past six months.

In the second half of 2013, the Ukraine was getting closer to an association with the E.U. However, then Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych decided to renege on that deal and instead side with Russia. Shortly after these events, the democratically elected Yanukovych was forced out of office in what some believed was the result of a coup orchestrated by the U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland on behalf of the Obama administration.
Moreover, bringing Ukraine closer to the EU would have brought the country into NATO, lead by its American Commander Philip M. Breedlove, by which Washington would be in a position to bring military bases and nuclear missiles closer to Russia’s borders.

In March of 2014, the eastern region of Ukraine called Crimea held a referendum in which the people voted overwhelmingly (95.7%) for separation; and annexation into Russia was confirmed by President Putin.  Citizens from other eastern regions such as those in Donetsk also sought the same outcome through their own referendums, but fearing more Western outrage at an “invasion”, Putin decided not to confirm the votes and let the issue be handled within the Ukraine. Therefore, the people (or “rebels/separatists”, or “terrorists” as they are called by Western media) had no choice but to continue their fight for their cause on their own despite having their villages and citizens bombed by Ukrainian forces.

•    The famous “F**K the EU” audio recording of Victoria Nuland (via Youtube)
•’s American Conquest by Subversion: Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine” article
•’s “F**k the EU”: Tape Reveals US Runs Ukraine Opposition article
•’s US and EU Are Paying Ukrainian Rioters and Protesters article
•’s 95.7% of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant article

The Suspects

At this point, it is safe to assume that the following could be considered suspects:

1.    East-Ukrainian Rebels
2.    The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
3.    The Armed Forces of Ukraine
4.    Russia
5.    The United States of America

Moreover, it can be a combination of the above. For example, one could argue that it was the East-Ukrainian Rebels teamed up with the Russians while others may say it was the Armed Forces of the Ukraine paired with the United States.
In considering which suspects are most likely to blame, we must consider motive. Who would most benefit from this terrible incident? While I can see that the U.S. & Ukraine could benefit of this incident by demonizing Putin and Russia, I can’t see what the Eastern-Ukrainian Rebels or Russia itself would have to gain from this incident.

The Facts

•    FLIGHT PATH: Although MH17 was original flight plan was approved by Eurocontrol, MH17 was diverted from its scheduled flight corridor (one which saw 150 other international flights flown over in the previous day) for reasons that are still unclear and unknown. Malaysian Airlines ‘Saturday, July 19, 07:20 PM GMT +0800’ does not confirm the deviation but rather only offers a very vague explanation as to what occurred. The following image tells a different story than the official one from Malaysia Airlines:

Image Source: BBC

•    ALTITUDE: Flight MH17 was instructed by Ukrainian ATC (Air Traffic Control) to fly at 33,000 feet instead of the original flight plan which specified 35,000 feet (Friday, July 18, 08:20 PM GMT +0800 Media Statement 4 : MH17 Incident).

•    BLACK BOXES: The black boxes of MH17 were provided to Malaysian Airlines by the Ukrainian Rebel leaders without any apparent hesitation (Wednesday, July 23, 09:30 AM GMT +0800 MH17 Black Boxes: Statement by Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport, Malaysia).

•    ATC AUDIO RECORDS: The Air Traffic Control audio records have been confiscated by the Ukrainian authorities.

•    BBC “15:29: Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.”
•    ZeroHedge – Ukraine’s Security Service Has Confiscated Air Traffic Control Recordings With Malaysian Jet

•    UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JET: The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17. “A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, it’s distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km,” said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday. [We] would like to get an explanation as to why the military jet was flying along a civil aviation corridor at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane,” he stated.“The SU-25 fighter jet can gain an altitude of 10km, according to its specification,” he added. “It’s equipped with air-to-air R-60 missiles that can hit a target at a distance up to 12km, up to 5km for sure.”
Image Source: Russian Defense Ministry

“A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, it’s distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km,” said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday.

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation released the following statement in connection with the crash of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777: “In view of the objective investigation of the air crash of the Boeing 777 that crashed on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to conduct thorough investigation with the involvement of representatives of all interested international organizations. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there are units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the disaster area; the units are armed with anti-aircraft missile systems Buk-M1. In the area of northwestern outskirts of Donetsk, divisions of the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are deployed, with 27 Buk M1 complexes. These complexes, on their tactical and technical characteristics, are capable of detecting air targets at distances of up to 160 kilometers and striking them at all altitudes at a range of over 30 kilometers. Moreover, in the skies over the Donetsk region, aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force equipped with different types of missiles are constantly present. This is an undeniable fact.”

In addition, there was reportedly a video report form BBC correspondent Olga Ivshina (now deleted, see links below for video) in which eyewitnesses on the ground confirm the presence of the military jet in proximity of the airliner.

• – Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow
•    ZeroHedge’s Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity (includes video)
•’s Deleted BBC Report. “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MHI7″, Donetsk Eyewitnesses
•    Original BBC Link:
•    Youtube – The Video Report Deleted by the BBC – ENG SUBS
•    WorldTruth – The Video Report Deleted by the BBC – ENG SUBS

•    BUK-MISSILES: The day the Malaysian airliner crashed, the Ukrainian forces deployed an air defense group of three or four Buk-M1 missile batteries near Donetsk according to Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department. Furthermore, there has been no evidence revealed thus far that the East-Ukrainian rebels were in possession of such systems.

•    US SATELLITES:  The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that at the moment of destruction of MH-17 an American satellite was flying over the area at the time that MH17 was in the region.

• –  What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?

•    CRASH SITE COMPROMISED: The initial wreckage of MH17 appears to have been compromised as per Malaysian Airline’s statement: “Malaysia is deeply concerned that the crash site has not been properly secured. The integrity of the site has been compromised, and there are indications that vital evidence has not been preserved in place.” (Saturday, July 19, 07:20 PM GMT +0800 MH17 Press Briefing By Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport). It is difficult to say exactly who was at the crash site when the plane first went down and what wreckage may have been taken or tampered with.

•    BODIES: Photographs of the dead bodies or body parts from the crash site have yet to be revealed to the public.

•    RUSH TO JUDGMENT: It didn’t take long for the United States via the Western media to make accusations directed towards Russia and the Eastern Ukrainian rebels without them offering any kind of evidence to support such claims.

•    The New York Times’ (July 17) U.S. Officials Say They Suspect SA-11 or SA-20 Missiles Brought Down Malaysia Jet
•    The Washington Post’s (July 19) Russia supplied missile launchers to separatists, U.S. official says
•    China’s Xinhua’s Commentary: Hasty conclusion on airliner crash detrimental to regional situation
•’s Sanctions and Airliners
•’s Guilt By Insinuation
•    Ron Paul Institute – What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

How was the plane shot down?

At this point it seems that there could be 3 possibilities: A ‘Buk Missile System’, a ‘Shoulder-fire Manpad’, or Ukrainian Fighter Jets.

It would be safe to exclude the ‘Shoulder-fire Manpad’ at this point since its range is limited to 13,000 feet and it was confirmed that MH17 was flying at 33,000 feet. Ukrainian officials state that flight MH17 was shot down by a ‘Buk missile system’. This is certainly possible as the range for ‘Buk Missile System’ missiles is 49,000 feet. The only other feasible possibility would include the Ukrainian Fighter Jets for which it was reported that at least one was flying in the vicinity of MH17.  

The Unconfirmed

1.’s Flight Record for MH17 on July 17 as “Cancelled”: This website tracks international flights and on its website it still indicates that MH17’s flight status for July 17 was “cancelled”. Why is this? I have emailed them about this but have yet to receive a reply.


2.    Soon after the crash a Youtube video surfaced which appears to show a Russian general telling Ukrainian separatists to hide the black boxes. The video appears on SkyNEWS’s website article ‘Russia ‘Told Rebels To Hide MH17’s Black Boxes‘’.  Although some experts say that this video was a 3-part fabrication and was made on July 16, the day before the crash, it is quite difficult to know what to make of it. But what is certain is that the eastern Ukrainian Rebels have handed over the black boxes.

•    Youtube video

3.    There was allegedly a Spanish Air Traffic Controller named ‘Carlos’ (I’ve been unable to confirm his last name) who was working at the ATC tower in Kiev Borisopol Airport at the time of the MH17 incident. On July 18, posted an article entitled ‘Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing MH#17’ in which Carlos basically tweeted on his Twitter account that a Ukrainian fighter jet escorted MH17 a few minutes before it disappeared from radar, that Ukrainian’s ‘Interior Minister’ knew this but the ‘Defense Minister’ didn’t, that Kiev authorities were trying to make it look like it was an attack by the pro-Russians, and that foreigners had taken over the control tower. An update at the top of this article later revealed “We are informed that the twitter account of the Spanish air controller has been closed down. Following his statements, he and his family have been threatened by the Kiev regime, including death threats…He has been deported from Ukraine.”  His Twitter account is/was @spainbuca. Carlos later appeared on video in an interview on RT Spanish.

•’s Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing MH#17 article and full transcript (translated from Spanish to English) of the tweets
•    Video Interview with Carlos (in Spanish)
•    His Twitter Account

There are certainly doubts about the validity of these claims. Who exactly is Carlos? What is his last name? Why would a Spanish native be working for ATC in the Ukraine? Where is he now? Is he being questioned by international authorities involved in the investigation?

4.    U.S. Intelligence Reports about Ukrainian forces possession of a missile system near the region.  According to the well-known American investigative journalist Robert Parry’s sources, U.S. Intelligence would indeed have satellite images of what appears to be Ukrainian forces in possession of a missile system in the region. As he states in an article: “What I’ve been told by one source, who has provided accurate information on similar matters in the past, is that U.S. intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely missile battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery appears to have been under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in what look like Ukrainian uniforms. The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said.” Perhaps this will never be confirmed. Nevertheless, it does indeed appear to come from a credible source.

• – What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?

Unanswered Questions

•    FLIGHT PATH: Why was MH17 instructed to deviate from its original flight path and Who ordered it?
Did the Ukrainian ATC instruct the MH17 pilot to deviate from its original flight path? If so, why? Will Eurocontrol or the Ukrainian civil aviation authorities shed light on this anomaly? What will the black boxes reveal about this very unusual deviation?
•    ALTITUDE: Why did Ukrainian Air Traffic Control instruct MH17 to fly at 33,000 ft?
•    UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JET: Why was a Ukrainian fighter jet tracking MH17?
•    ATC AUDIO RECORDS: Why have ATC audio records been confiscated by the Ukrainian authorities?
Communications between the pilot and ATC moments before the crash are crucial in helping us understand what may have transpired minutes before the downing of the aircraft. One would wonder whether they have something to hide. If they don’t, then why the lack of transparency, as this could help shed light on the international investigation.
•    BLACK BOXES: Why did the international investigation team, led by the Netherlands, hand over the black boxes to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch for forensic analysis?
According to Malaysia Airlines (Wednesday, July 23, 09:30 AM GMT +0800 MH17 Black Boxes: Statement by Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport, Malaysia) “The international investigation team, led by the Netherlands, has decided to pass the black boxes to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch for forensic analysis. It is normal procedure for black boxes to be sent for analysis to the nearest laboratory authorised by the International Civil Aviation Association. The black boxes will therefore be flown to Farnborough, UK, accompanied by Malaysian experts and other members of the international investigation team.” This is confusing, as Farnborough (UK) is much farther than the International Civil Aviation Organization’s office located in France.
Another crucial element that may or may not be present in the black box is “transponder” data.  Civilian aircraft have a transponder that emits a signal to the surrounding area that they are a civilian aircraft; this usually deters certain missiles from striking it (as opposed to an enemy military aircraft).
•    U.S. SATELLITES: Why hasn’t the U.S. confirmed or denied the presence of its satellites over the region on the day of the crash? What may be revealed by them?
•    DELETED BBC VIDEO REPORT: Why did the BBC delete the video report of its Russian reporter Olga Ivshina regarding the eyewitnesses who saw the fighter jet? Who ordered the video to be deleted from their website and why?

Keep informed and maintain a ‘balanced’ view of what the media presents

We know that all media, no matter from which side and without exception, is biased. Consequently, we must always be more diligent and question who is presenting the information when and what external forces may be influencing them. Everything is to be taken with a grain of salt. To that extent, it is good to consult various news sources (and from different countries) about the crisis in the Ukraine and MH17. Here are some sources that contain a lot of information about MH17:

•    Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines – Media Statement & Information on Flight MH17
•    USA: CNN’s coverage on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
•    UK: BBC – Special Reports – Ukraine Crisis
•    UK: Guardian – Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
•    UK: Guardian – Ukraine
•    Russia: RT –  Malaysia MH17 plane crash
•    China: ChinaDaily – World – Malaysian airliner crashes over Ukraine
•    China: ChinaDaily – Unrest in Ukraine and Crimea Crisis
•    France (in French): Libération – Ukraine, la drôle de guerre
•    Germany: Der Spiegel – Topic – Ukraine
•    Middle-East (Qatar): Al-Jazeera (English) – Timeline of the Ukraine Political Crisis
•    Canada: including a Timeline

Always be critical and ask yourself how and when the information is being presented to you. Moreover, be sure to ask yourself who controls the country’s news media and who are the allies of the country.

Get Involved!

If we stand by and wait for the mainstream media to provide us with the truth as well as answers to these important questions, we may never get the answers. We may only ever know the truth if we make a collective effort to both: i.) ask the relevant authorities and news media organizations to answer the questions raised, ii) hold them accountable to their words, and iii) share what we know on social media.  So feel free to contact them with your questions at the addresses provided below and share your findings. An informed citizenry is an empowered one.

•    Malaysia Airlines
•    International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), email: [email protected]
•    International Air Transport Association (IATA), email: [email protected]
•    Eurocontrol
•    BBC – Contacting BBC News programmes
•    CNN International Edition – Feedback
• – Contact info

Share your opinion

Who do you suspect at this point? What other relevant information do you know about? Share by posting your comments below. The more we share, the more we learn about what really happened to the dear souls who lost their lives onboard MH17.


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    MH17: Will we ever know the truth?

Thank you for a very comprehensive summary of events and the dynamics evolving around this tragic event. Great to have links to sources of so much material in one place.

After watching the 5-part series on Counter Intelligence, revelations by Michael Ruppert and Operation Gladio , the uncanny recurrence in history of false flag black ops as a pretext for war, obfuscation of the Bush administration over the 9/11 investigation, including the lies we were told about WMD in Iraq, and Daddy Bush's "Babies in incubators" lies, I'm giving the Rebels and Putin the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Unfortunately they are fighting a losing battle against a slick western media propaganda machine and have already been convicted in the court of (western) world opinion.


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    I think the jury is still out

It seems to me very few real Americans are puffing their chest out and reciting cold war rhetoric about the "damn soviets" these days.  I see our media and elites running their mouths about it all the time, but I feel like average Joe has tuned out.  Not that he's questioning the narrative like many of us here are, but he no longer sees it as applying to his life.  He is however increasingly desperate for bread and circuses to distract him from reality.  The problem for the people trying to convince us that Russia is our new enemy (again) is that no one cares and/or no one is buying it. Even the disengaged have a vague idea that it's all smoke and mirrors and it doesn't relate to their life.  How do you rally popular support on that basis.

Then again, in the age of drones and hackers who needs popular support.  You no longer have to convince average Joe to pick up a gun and travel around the world to risk his life for your cause, you can wreak havoc in Eastern Europe from an office park in Utah as long as no one stands up to stop you…."MORE BREAD AND CIRCUSES OR ELSE WE"LL START PAYING ATTENTION!!!"

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    I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you TallMan. That is the main problem in the world today – total ignorance and indifference. As long as the serfs and sheeple have their Facebook and porn, they couldn’t give a rats ass about what is really happening in their own country and the world. They’ve been conditioned by the spins of the bought-and-paid-for presstitute media and the intimidation of the new police state. I often wonder what will eventually ignite a spark to go off in their numb heads. Sad state that we live in…

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    You should know this truth .

You should know this truth . It is necessary for you.

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